My Family

Hi! I’m going to tell you about our alien family

Syrika: Good with Earth blocks(Legos), loves reading, 10 Earth years old, has an alien Boompacay which is disguised as a diaper rag (This is true! Hard to believe but true! Trust me!)

Dadicon: Good with Earth computers, sudoku, and sports

Momicon: Sweet, good with cooking, very, very good humored.

Silicon: Can read with fingers(Cool, huh?), loud, loves to read

Haringarediiricanunchucksharrypottermilkthisisalongname (or, for short,Rica.): Loves Silicon(the person,not the item), Thomas the Train Engine, Barney, and food, also loves to watch Spongebob Squarepants and iCarly, loves to play with toy cars

Zarion: Loves reading anything, pickles, pretzels,potatoes, pasta, peas(sometimes)green beans, and Harry Potter! I love Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!                                 Also, this week is the fortieth anniversary of Sesame Street. Yahoo!


One thought on “My Family

  1. Zach that was great! I read all of your stories (so far) and you did a great job! Let me know @ school if you put anything else on here. Terrific work! 🙂

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