The Structure of Superhero Episodes on T.V.

I’ve been thinking, and, when you watch superhero cartoons on television, the plot is predictable. I’ll show you:

1. Villain escapes from jail/ hatches new plot in lair.

2.  Hero finds out about plot , and tries to stop villain.

3. Hero fails to stop villain; villain gets away and usually gives some cryptic clue about what they’re doing next.

4. Hero figures out clue, rushes off to place to where villain will strike next.

5. Her0 and villain battle, superhero gets knocked out somehow.

6. Hero regains consciousness, finds out that they’re in death trap, that’s meant to destroy them.

7. Villain tells what trap is meant to do, leaves to carry out the plan.

8. Villain says,”Nothing can stop me now! Ha,ha,ha,ha!” Hero escapes from trap, stops villain.

9. Villain gets carted off to jail.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I know that sometimes that exact thing doesn’t happen, but I am explaining it the best I can. Also, things might be a little bit different  with to-be-continued stories, but that’s to be expected. After all, they are to-be-continued stories, not to-be-told-in-one-sitting-stories. That’s what regular stories are for. This is Zarion Kreena, signing off from this post!


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