Mr.ChickenPotPie was sent home in Part 3, and now he is nervously waiting for the third ghost. Suddenly, a silent, eerie figure rises up from behind Mr.Chicken, and blows an air horn. “YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed. The ghostly chicken grabbed our (not so much of a)hero, and showed him what his future would be. “NO! I’ll turn into a… a…MIME!!!??? THE HORROR!!! THE HORROR!!!(Note:I like mimes, unlike Mr.ChickenPotPie.)I’ll change! I’ll change!” And with that, he was sent back to his house. Slowly, he looked around, searching for the ghosts. Not finding them, he slowly walked over to the cupboard, and started eating more KFC. What a hypocrite.


The New Year is Coming

The New Year is coming, so expect some new surprises, prank ideas, and much, much more. YAHOO!! (Coming Tomorrow: Remembrance of Past years, Part Five of Five, and,hopefully,Chapter 3 of Alien Chronicles!!)

Ponui is here, and he is posting!

Hello! I am Ponui, hailing all the way from the far-away land of Ponui Theater! I am also involved in this Inter-Blog Swap. And, since I don’t know what to post about, I am gonna’ search it. My internet search gave me wonderful ideas, sorta. Since I was just overwhelmed by great ideas, I will not post about anything specific. So, yesterday, I walked into a general store, and asked if they had blue and green striped chocolate cookies. They sent me out of the store and told me that I couldn’t buy anything specific at a general store. Ba-Dump-Bump.And of course, that is how you know I am not a phony, because if I was a phony, I would have been able to enjoy that blue and green chocolate cookie I was so looking forward to. Bye!

Introducing,drum roll please,(drum noises)…. THE SCARY-O-METER!

I saw a certain movie with my cousins and I just got back. Here’s a hint as to what the feature is: High, squeaky voices, relations to squirrels, Alvin and the Chipmunks is it’s name, I just gave it away, oh well. The Scary-O-Meter shows how scary something would be to me, on a scale of one to ten. Now, here’s the terrifying thing: The new version, taking place some time after the book, Alice and Wonderland movie. I’m terrified. The meter says that the scariness factor is 10.5. It’s absolutely right. The characters are scary. Here’s a link to the movie, if you dare. Sorry,I just checked, and I can’t find a link, so just Google “Alice in Wonderland 2010.”

Results of “Operation:Beauty Project”(Sorry I Couldn’t Put This Down Earlier)

The results were excellent. I can’t put the(blurred to protecr their identitys)photoson yet, but I can tell you what we did. We made beauty products with(clean)toilet water, and our victim, ahem, I mean customer, put the cheek thing and the eyebrow thing on. Simple as that. Uh, oh. What if they read this post? If you need me, I’ll be hiding in the closet. Gulp.

A Fictional Crossover the Likes of Which Have Never Been Seen Before(on this blog)

I was searching my home planet on WordPress.com, and I saw someone doing a crossover involving Wolverine and Harry Potter. Now, let’s see what  it would be like if Spider-Man and Cuddles, Jeremy, Lucky, and Happy ever met.(Note:The babies speak in Baby-Talk/Cuddles-ese.) Spider-Man=italics Cuddles&Company = Bold

Whoah, why do I see furry little stuffed animals wearing cheesy costumes down there? Hewwo, Spider-Man! We’re your biggest fans! Sorry, I have to go. Bye!

Well, that wasn’t interesting. Sorry. Also, go on http://ponui.wordpress.com!! Bye, we’re leaving for a hotel! Yeeha!