Who is Zarion Kreena?

Hello, I’m Zerkon Kreunee, I’m an investigative reporter and I am here to help you with one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Who is Zarion Kreena? From my studies, I can guess that he is a male. who wears glasses(from so much reading), plays with string, and loves pretzels, pickles, and potatoes. I am using my super-computer to determine who it is and…. YES!!!! Zarion Kreena is… Hey, who turned off the lights? WHAM!!!!!!!!  Hi, this is Zarion Kreena, here to tell  you that this post is over. Sorry, but you can’t here that I am-Yes,I, Zerkon Kreunee, am awake and Zarion Kreena is really ZA-WHAMMMM!!!!!!!!!

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