The Structure of… Making a Prank War-Cuddles and Company Style

1.Gather up some people, and divide them into prank teams.(Note: It helps if the players have a grudge against each other.)

2.Give the players a list of what pranks they can and can’t do. If someone(Happy)tries to argue, throw a pie in their face.

3.Approve any ideas the teams have, individually. We don’t want people spying, and developing counter-pranks.

4.Tell nosy, spying players(Cuddles)that (name favorite food)is in their basement.

5.Lock them in there, and force them to watch Barney. If they like Barney, tickle them forcibly.

6.Finally, have an all-out, no holds barred prank war.

Well, bye for the night, miscellaneoussoupers!!! Adios, have a great weekend, stay in school, don’t forget to write, brush your teeth, look both ways before crossing the street, etc.


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