It’s time for another….

Game Show!!!

I’m your host, Zarion Kreena, and it’s time to play Question Commotion!!!! Our first contestant has miraculously survived “The Dynamite is Right”, and will be the Ultimate Zarion Kreena Gaming Champion, until he finally loses a game. And now… LET’S BEGIN!!!!!!! Okay, Tigerboy, your first question is: How do you say “My pants are on fire” in French. Uh, the answer is “Mis pantalones estan el fuego.” Correct! Now, what color am I thinking of? Burnt sienna? That’s my final answer. by the way. Right again! Now, here’s your final question. If you get this wrong, you will be attacked by a pack of ravenous Chihuahuas. What is the capital of HFTYT(YAuodghiet0ij-ania? I don’t know. You are correct! The answer is “I Don’t Know”! You win……—Wait, the answer is really “We Don’t Know”. Okay, Chihuahuas… ATTACK!!!! AHHHHHH…. GET THEM OFF!!! I’M TICKLISH!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s time for another….

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