I declare this day “Dynamite Day”!!! KA-BOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!! Ahh-hah-hah-hah-hah! Dynamite shall conquer this blog!!! Oh, wait it can’t, because I own it. Oh well, I can destroy this incredibly mean person named Karion Zreena, who named his blog “Random Stew”!! I declare war!!! The babies(Cuddles, Happy, Lucky, and Jeremy)are waiting by his lair(The nearest sewer) with dynamite!!! he will not copy my blog anymore!! What’s this, Cuddles? Oh, no!! His allies Muddles, Sappy, Ducky, ad Hair-emy are near my location with TNT???!!! I shall have to get a special ally! He is called Chief Crazy Horse! The Chief’s also Neiren! (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.) Speaking of Neiren, he won a Marshmallow Shooter® at Academic Fair!! More on this later!! Happy Dynamite Day!!! BOOM!!!


2 thoughts on “Boom!!!

  1. Hey Zarion, I like the new look on your blog. Also, nice work on all the translations of “Where is the bathroom?” That must have been hard to get all those. Also, I love the Dynamite Day theme! KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! (Muahahaha!) And though my name was Neoren, I actually like Neiren better.
    P.S. Don’t let Cheif Crazy Horse handle the TNT.

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