I’m beginning to that certain unreasonable people(cough, cough Happy and Cuddles) who don’t appreciate my humor. Well, I guess I can’t blame you. Some of my jokes are pretty stupid.In any case, you won’t be hearing from em for two weeks, because I’m going on VACATION!! YEEHA!! I love winter break! I don’t want you to be bored while I’m gone, so here’s a cool vacationing tip! This is a phrase that is absolutely essential when you are traveling, especially if you are going to go to another country. Seriously,I cannot stress how important this is. Okay, here it is: “Where is the bathroom?” I’m going to translate this phrase into 15 languages, so watch out! This may get rough.

English:”Where is the bathroom?”

איפה השירותים? (That’s Hebrew. 🙂 )

German:”Wo ist die Toilette?”

Spanish:”Donde esta el bano?”

Italian:”Dove si trova il bagno?”

French:”Ou sont les toilettes?”

Greek:”Πού είναι το μπάνιο;?”

Lithuanian:”Kur yra tualetas?”

Swahili:”Where is the bathroom?” (I didn’t know that it was the same. Live  and learn.)


Irish:”Cá bhfuil an seomra folctha?”

Latvian:* “Kur ir vannas istabā?”

*That’s a real language.*

Korean:” 화장실이 어디입니까?”

Macedonian:”Каде е тоалетот?”

Persian:سرویس بهداشتی کجاست؟?

And a bonus…

Cuddles-ian/Baby-talk:* “Whewe’s da bafroom?” (Remember, he’s a baby, and he can’t pronounce his words correctly.)

* I just made that one up.*


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