I just got in from Grand Rapids(yesterday) and, BOY, it’s hot in here!!

Seriously, it’s hot in here. Grandmacom L gets cold easily, rather like me. Anyway, a lot of cool things happened to me, and you’re going to get the ULTIMATE lowdown.

The Trip

It was a long ride, and I found this neat Spider-Man activity book in a restaurant. I have a new Webkinz(love that Chanukah money)chicken, named Mr. Chicken Pot Pie. I survived the (hot)night here, and now I’m as happy and non-tired aszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Huh, what? Whoopsie. Now, on to the next thing. I went to the market with Momicon, and I found 2 ridiculous things.

1.A tabloid with articles such as “Rudolph Found in Sarah Palin’s Fridge”.

2.A tabloid with the ACTUAL TITLE of National Enquirer. I never knew that it was actual title for a tabloid. Incredible. Well, more to come, because on Friday, it’s another long car ride to Grandmacom D’s.


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