Time! Here’s some cool time statistical thingumies.

Syrika has a stopwatch on her watch, so we(Her and I)decided to play with it. Here’s some of the best times.


How long I can babble endlessly-9 seconds

Standing on my left foot-14 seconds

Right foot-20 seconds

R.I.P.(Run In Place)-30 seconds

Zarion: Longest Time Without Itching-51 seconds

Syrika: Longest Time Without Itching-1:07

Spying on Adults-4 seconds(Both of us)

*Me: 4 seconds *Syrika: 54 seconds *Mr.Chicken Pot Pie: 18 seconds

Time it took us to actually find him after they hid him: (rounded) 12 minutes

Time Syrika and I could make the stuffed animals into a frozen scene, make a silly show, and make a circus until they mentioned him: 7:24


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