New Movie

Wow! There’s an awesome, new(fake)movie! Revenge of the Spoons: The Cutlery-pire Strikes Back! The reviews for it are stunning! Look at them1

“I’ll never look at my silverware the same again.”The New Spork Times.

“I’m getting scared of my knives.” The Grand Rapids Dishwasher Press.

“No matter how many times you come back, I’ll always stop you.” Meat E. Cleaver, the hero.

“Bah! That’s crazy talk!” The Villians.

Description: A year ago, the evil cutlery of Fine China City was attacked by its evil silverware and kitchen utensils. Now, they’ve escaped from the giant drawer that trapped them, and are out for revenge.

Clinking and cooking to homes the twelth of Never(That’s a popular date for these movies) ).*

*For more information on this movie, go to


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