Part 2 of 5

Recap:The chicken ate glazed, lemony, chicken and didn’t share. Then, the pizza boy(and personal food getter and deliverer)left for his play where his character has-Hurry up!! Okay, first ghost. Sheesh. Then, the messenger ghost told Mr.ChickenPotPie that 3 ghosts would come and make him stop eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mr.Chicken(shortened version of his name, either this or “Chicken”)screamed.

Act Two

Mr.Chicken was still screaming, even though he fainted. Creepy. He woke up, and gasped!!!!! The first ghost had arrived! He was dressed in a Papa Mom’s pizza delivery outfit, and HE WAS A CHICKEN! “I have come for you. I am the ghost of KFC Past.” “Why are you being so abrupt?”Mr.Chicken inquired. “Well,” he replied,”this is the only spot where I’m in the story, and I want to sound my best. Now, let us take a little walk down Memory Lane.”

Act 2:Part 2

The chicken and ghost swirled and whirled through time and space, until they came to rest in a KFC store. “Mr.ChickenPotPie,”the ghost groaned,”you were stupid and evil here.” “You mean this was the place where I ordered KFC for the first time, and became infatuated with it?”Mr.Chicken asked. “Actually, no. This was the place where you teased the owner. The bad-tempered person who eats and cooks chickens who annoy him. You lost some feathers here. Now, I shall send you back, in the hopes that you have learnt your lesson. And if you have not, then you will be immediately visited by the Ghost of KFC Present.” Then, Mr.Chicken was sent back.

To Be Continued…..


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