Part 3:*

After Mr.ChickenPotPie was sent back, the Ghost of KFC Present appeared. He smelled musty, wore a cloak made of a thousand screaming souls, carried a bloody whip with oozing brains on it, and Hello Kitty slippers. “I have come to show you what your voracious chicken-eating has done.” Once again the chicken twirled through time/space and fell into a trash heap. “WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” a poor chicken cried. “I have no income or home, ever since my husband, Freddy-Joe-BobBilly was sent to the chicken factory.” “So what, loser?”Mr.ChickenPotPie snarled.”Bah, humchicken!”(Due to certain factors, sueing me for one, I could not say ,”Bah, humbug!” Oops.) then, the woman chicken slapped him numerously and called him some things that I can not repeat in polite company. After that, he was sent home.

To be continued…

*I’m not doing anymore recaps.


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