Syrika’s Angry Rant About Tinkerbell(Post #2 by Syrika)

Razzin frazzin dingdong!!!!!!!!!! Zarionikinz didn’t let me make my own title, grumble grumble. Anyway, this is an angry rant- made INTO A GAME SHOW!!!!!!!!! This is called Nicknames for Numbskulls, and on the first show ever, we’re starring Tinkerbell!!!!! Our first contestant is some hobo we found in a garbage truck. His name is Some Hobo. So, Some, what nickname do you have in mind for our awful enemy? Uhhhh……….Snorksnorksnork Stiggerbell? Okay, Stinkerbell. A very traditional name, I will rate it 5/10. NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!  So,our next contestant hopefully will be better than Some Hobo. Introducing…Vidia! So, Vidia, I understand you are also a Never Fairy? Why, yes. And I absolutely loathe Tinkerbell, like I loathe every other fairy in Neverland. So that’s why my nickname for her is Tinklebell.(Note: This is Zarion speaking. That’s creative, but it’s already been in a spoof. Oh well. Sorry.) Well, that is a name, but it’s quite boring…SECURITY! GET HER OUT OF HERE! THREE OUT TEN! THREE OUT OF TEN! Hey, hey, you can’t do this to meee……ARK!!! So, this is our last contestant. I know, I know only three contestants, but we’re tight on money here. Give a warm welcome to….. Evil Flame of Death!! (Note: He speaks in baby-talk/Cuddles-ese. BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!) Hewwo, efwybody. My name for da conteest ees Teenkerbelch! Tinkerbelch, did you say Tinkerbelch? Yes, Teenkerbelch! Tinkerbelch?! YES, TEENKERBELCH!!!!!!!! Tinkerbelch? TEENKERBELCH! TEENKERBELCH! TEENKERBELCH! WOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!! It’s…it’s TEN OUT TEN! TEN OUT OF TEN! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!! And, for the grand finale we have Tinkerbell trapped in a little glass jar! Ahem.. I mean Tinkerbelch! So, Evil Flame of Death, you have the honors of crushing this little fairy that everyone hates! Okay, my pweasure. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da-da-dah. Da-da-dahhh..Ah, who cares! HOORAY!!! And now, this game show is over!!! Shoo, shoo! Go talk to Zarion! Hey, why do I always say something like that when I end something I am writing on this blog?


One thought on “Syrika’s Angry Rant About Tinkerbell(Post #2 by Syrika)

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