Introducing,drum roll please,(drum noises)…. THE SCARY-O-METER!

I saw a certain movie with my cousins and I just got back. Here’s a hint as to what the feature is: High, squeaky voices, relations to squirrels, Alvin and the Chipmunks is it’s name, I just gave it away, oh well. The Scary-O-Meter shows how scary something would be to me, on a scale of one to ten. Now, here’s the terrifying thing: The new version, taking place some time after the book, Alice and Wonderland movie. I’m terrified. The meter says that the scariness factor is 10.5. It’s absolutely right. The characters are scary. Here’s a link to the movie, if you dare. Sorry,I just checked, and I can’t find a link, so just Google “Alice in Wonderland 2010.”


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