Mr.ChickenPotPie was sent home in Part 3, and now he is nervously waiting for the third ghost. Suddenly, a silent, eerie figure rises up from behind Mr.Chicken, and blows an air horn. “YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed. The ghostly chicken grabbed our (not so much of a)hero, and showed him what his future would be. “NO! I’ll turn into a… a…MIME!!!??? THE HORROR!!! THE HORROR!!!(Note:I like mimes, unlike Mr.ChickenPotPie.)I’ll change! I’ll change!” And with that, he was sent back to his house. Slowly, he looked around, searching for the ghosts. Not finding them, he slowly walked over to the cupboard, and started eating more KFC. What a hypocrite.


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