Who is Ponui, exactly? Well, Ponui is,for sure, someone who is a good blogger. So, go on his/her’s(I’m trying to protect your identity.) blog. Also, read the vaudeville things,and help Ponui with ideas for a to-be-continued tale. my idea is a pony who is bitten by a vampire, and turns into a superhero.


Syrika’s Angry Rant About Tinkerbell(Post #2 by Syrika)

Razzin frazzin dingdong!!!!!!!!!! Zarionikinz didn’t let me make my own title, grumble grumble. Anyway, this is an angry rant- made INTO A GAME SHOW!!!!!!!!! This is called Nicknames for Numbskulls, and on the first show ever, we’re starring Tinkerbell!!!!! Our first contestant is some hobo we found in a garbage truck. His name is Some Hobo. So, Some, what nickname do you have in mind for our awful enemy? Uhhhh……….Snorksnorksnork Stiggerbell? Okay, Stinkerbell. A very traditional name, I will rate it 5/10. NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!  So,our next contestant hopefully will be better than Some Hobo. Introducing…Vidia! So, Vidia, I understand you are also a Never Fairy? Why, yes. And I absolutely loathe Tinkerbell, like I loathe every other fairy in Neverland. So that’s why my nickname for her is Tinklebell.(Note: This is Zarion speaking. That’s creative, but it’s already been in a spoof. Oh well. Sorry.) Well, that is a name, but it’s quite boring…SECURITY! GET HER OUT OF HERE! THREE OUT TEN! THREE OUT OF TEN! Hey, hey, you can’t do this to meee……ARK!!! So, this is our last contestant. I know, I know only three contestants, but we’re tight on money here. Give a warm welcome to….. Evil Flame of Death!! (Note: He speaks in baby-talk/Cuddles-ese. BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!) Hewwo, efwybody. My name for da conteest ees Teenkerbelch! Tinkerbelch, did you say Tinkerbelch? Yes, Teenkerbelch! Tinkerbelch?! YES, TEENKERBELCH!!!!!!!! Tinkerbelch? TEENKERBELCH! TEENKERBELCH! TEENKERBELCH! WOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!! It’s…it’s TEN OUT TEN! TEN OUT OF TEN! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!! And, for the grand finale we have Tinkerbell trapped in a little glass jar! Ahem.. I mean Tinkerbelch! So, Evil Flame of Death, you have the honors of crushing this little fairy that everyone hates! Okay, my pweasure. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da-da-dah. Da-da-dahhh..Ah, who cares! HOORAY!!! And now, this game show is over!!! Shoo, shoo! Go talk to Zarion! Hey, why do I always say something like that when I end something I am writing on this blog?

The Great Debate

Debates have been part of our country for years. We’ve haggled and argued over many things. Now, let the debate begin! It’s NEB511 versus his father,AnonymousMan, over the perilous problem of why NEB511 can’t get a dog. NEB511=italics, AnonymousMan=bold. Begin!! This is me.

AnonymousMan is a cold hearted noodle-face! He defies the right of every American citizen on a daily basis. That right, is the right to own a dog! How does he sleep at night while he undermines the great American fore-fathers? And for a rebuttal? Dogs smell. Yes, dogs do smell,but not as much as the cold hearted commie that AnonymousMan is! They stink too. Do they stink? Or, does AnonymousMan think they stink because of his COLD HEARTED COMMUNIST WAYS! The only good dog…… is an animated dog. Like Scooby-Doo? Yes, of course. And also the dog who perfected casualness,Huckleberry Hound. And the dog who had a supreme intellect,of course, I am referring to none other than Mr.Peabody. Never a stink, never a smell. Just wonderful companions. Will there be a compromise? This is getting tough. An animated dog? Wasn’t “The Smurfs” an animated show? About commies? Also, the dogs with perfected casualness and supreme intellect each had many numerous flaws. Huckleberry Hound had a severe case of depression which he attempted to fix by playing sad country songs on his sad, sad guitar. Mr. Peabody was a great companion to Sherman, a 10 year old boy, who he spent a great deal of time with, in his laboratory which is NOT safe for 10 year olds! The best dog in my opinion is a real dog. In fact, I know that AnonymousMan has had many deep relationships with real dogs including a dog with the nickname, Ralph. Ralph has been described to me numerous times as a loyal companion during AnonymousMan’s mid-late 20’s and never once has AnonymousMan complained about Ralph’s “stench”. This is getting to be all-out war! Sadly, we have to stop, and it has been declared a draw. Don’t worry, we will have many more funny debates.

Headaches are Headaches WARNING: If you are sensitive, or weak of stomach, don’t read how my headache started.

Headaches:a. a sharp pain in your head b. an annoyance My headache really is an annoyance.(THIS IS THE PART THAT MAY MAKE PEOPLE QUEASY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)It started when I puked while going to a history museum. Ughh. Ever since then, I’ve had a splitting headache. It’s really annoying. Also, how do you like Ponui’s blog? I love it. Bye, for now.

Blue +Pillow+Blolliw, Which means “Blue Pillow” OR The Definition of Portmanteau

The mathematical/grammatical process you see in the title, is called portmanteau. Portmanteau is the process of mixing two regular words together in order to get the same meaning. For example, Zarion+is+crazy=Ziscrarion. Ziscrarion means”Zarion is crazy. Tah-dah!!!  Wow, this hardly ever happens. I actually taught you something  useful. See you later!