The Very First Superclub Story…. and Info. on Our Lovely Contest

“Operation: Destroy Dreamyland”

Welcome to the Vault of Adventures, where every superhero story ever made is stored! You’ve heard of Batman, Superman, and the Fantastic Four, but this brand-new superhero team is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Meet…the sensational Superclub! We shall begin our tale in a seemingly normal neighborhood in Dreamyland, a veritable Utopia, except,  of course, for the evil villains that the Superclub had to stop from destroying Dreamyland.  Do you see that house over there? The one with the orange roof, tan walls, and a plain brown door and the green doorknob? Good. That is the secret residence of the Superclub. No one knows about it, except for the Superclub themselves. It’s a crime-stopping laboratory, clubhouse, house, and much more all rolled into one. Needless to say, it’s much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Now, I can read you the fascinating tale of the sensational Superclub!

“Yahoo!”Tigerboy shouted. He quickly turned into Robot Tiger, one of his many forms, and leaped into a seemingly normal brown paper bag. After that, a giant spring rocketed him out and sent him into a bouncy, rainbow-striped  pit filled with scrumptious looking pretzels. “The Pretzel-Bouncer 4000 is the best!” Meanwhile, the rest of the Superclub raced into the invention room. Who are the members of the Superclub, you ask? I’ll tell you! First, there’s Switchboy. He’s the leader of the Superclub, and has the unique ability to turn himself, anyone, and/or anything into, well anything. Next, there’s Electrickid, who has the power to turn himself into electricity, and make electricity(static or otherwise)come out of his eyes or hands. Also, Boulderboy can control boulders, and Plantboy can control plants and other types of vegetation. Finally, there’s Rubberboy and Tigerboy. Tigerboy can turn himself into a weird assortment of tigers, including the aforementioned Robot Tiger. Strangely enough, his “normal” form is Miniature Tiger, a tiger that is so tiny, someone could trap him in a pickle jar. In fact, that actually happened one day, but that’s another story. No one knows why that’s his normal form. Tigerboy didn’t choose it, but maybe we’ll find out…. eventually. Rubberboy has incredible stretching powers, which involves twisting his body into ordinary things, except that they’re made of rubber. That’s rather like Plastic Man, who’s a friend of Batman. Maybe they are related. Oh, well, it doesn’t pertain to the story, so let’s continue! Suddenly, Tigerboy started shouting something excitedly. “Hey, guys! I’m in the kitchen, and I want to show you something that I think is really cool.” Using his Switchray(a ray that has the same powers as Switchboy, which is used for emergencies)he turned a disgusting, slimy, green piece of bread into a cash register, and dumped some pretzels inside of it. After that, he put it in a drawer. “Hey, Tigerboy,” Switchboy said nervously, “this isn’t going to make anything explode, like the “Rocket Pretzel” experiment, is it?”

“Only twenty car alarms were set off from the explosion.” Tigerboy replied.

“Actually, you’re forgetting the truck, ice cream vehicle, giant hot dog trucks, hamburger trucks-“

“Okay, okay, so maybe that was a little dangerous, but this is completely safe.” As Tigerboy was saying this, he morphed into Flying Tiger, flew approximately eighteen feet into the air, and turned back into non-flying, Miniature Tiger. “Tigerboy, what are you doing?” Rubberboy asked, half amused, half frightened. “I thought you said this was safe!” “It is.” Tigerboy assured him. And with that, he hit the table, causing the drawer to spit out the cash register, in turn making the pretzels come flying out. “Hey, that’s cool!” Boulderboy exclaimed. “Can we have some?” Just then, an alarm clock started ringing, but where was it coming from? The answer was revealed as Tigerboy pulled open a secret compartment in his head, and pulled out a purple, orange, and green alarm clock that was flashing the message “EMERGENCY MEETING AT THE SUPERHERO SCHOOL” over and over again. “Uh, oh. We don’t have time to snack. There’s an emergency meeting at the superhero school.” Switchboy exclaimed. The Superclub quickly opened a trapdoor in the kitchen and leapt through it! On the sidewalk near the school, another trapdoor opened and the Superclub zoomed out! As they walked into the building, they never saw the line of spiders, creeping along the field, heading into a tiny hole in the ground, and transforming into the giant spiders(and other things)that made up Council of Scaryannia. Inside the school, a loudspeaker was blaring an important message for all of the students. “Attention all students. Go to the auditorium.” Suddenly, a there was a loud scream! “AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Tigerboy screamed in pure, absolute terror. “There’s a spider in my locker!!!” Tigerboy’s worst fears(and weaknesses)were spiders, snakes, and bugs, not in necessarily in that order. “Ha, ha, ha!” A new person appeared. It was Shrinky, a bully who relished playing pranks on Tigerboy, including putting rubber spiders in Tigerboy’s locker. His friend and “henchperson/lackey” Lava Lamp snickered, and then they both walked away.

Later, in the auditorium, Principal Smith quieted everyone down to begin the emergency assembly. “Attention, students. I’ve called you here today to tell you that report cards are coming soon. Be careful, and study hard.” Everyone left the auditorium, and the Superclub returned home to find the emergency signal going off. “Oh, no!” Switchboy exclaimed. “The Council of Scaryannia is robbing the jewelry store!” In an instant, the sensational Superclub raced to the scene of the crime! Oddly, when they got there, the spiders, snakes, and bugs that made up the Council of Scaryannia was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, the Superclub(except for Tigerboy who had leapt into the bushes as soon as he heard a rustling noise)had been captured!!!

When Tigerboy finally made it back to the Superclub’s home, his heart was racing with 100% terror. “What should I do?!? I’m terrified of Scaryannia!!! Hmmm. I’ve got it!”

Meanwhile, as Tigerboy was making plans, the Scaryannia Council had placed the Suoerclub in a vicious trap. They had been put in a box-shaped rocky cavern laced with TNT, with was placed in a cave! “Hahahahahaha!”the Council hissed. “You will be terminated! After that, no one will be  able to stop us from transforming the entire human race into spiders with this lazer beam. And the best part is, it’s powered by the explosion that will destroy you! Oh, the cleverness of us!” Meanwhile, a small figure tunneled into their kitchen. “I KNEW that I had gotten that map wrong!” Tigerboy moaned. Just then, a hairy, greasy, dreadlocked spider dripping with venom crawled into the room. Tigerboy squeaked nervously, and tried to hide in a broom closet, but it was too little, too late. The spider grabbed Tigerboy, and led him to his doom!

As Tigerboy sat in his prison cell waiting to be turned into a spider, he suddenly remembered something. “I can just tunnel straight through the ground! Why didn’t I think of that before?!” Quick as a flash, he started to burrow!

When  he got to the room with the Superclub in it, it was time for Operation :HUGE HIGH DIVE to begin! Tigerboy transformed into a ginormous tiger, leapt into the air, and fell onto the huge slab of rock containing the Superclub! The impact dislodged the second slab of stoen, thereby releasing the Superclub and deactivating the doomsday plan and trap! Then, Rubberboy stretched himself into a netlike form, and then they captured the Council of Scaryannia. “No! You can’t do this to us! We’re nor ordinary, human criminals! Nooo.….” they wailed as the police van carted them away. “Hey, Tigerboy.” Switchboy said. “I just have one more question. How did you get that great idea on how to destroy the trap?” “It was simple.”  Tigerboy replied. “I just did the Pretzel Experiment from before, but on a larger scale.” And with that, another successful mission in the career of the sensational Superclub!

The End

And now, here’s the info. For one thing, this is not, I repeat is not one of the contest entries. I made this, purely on my own. Speaking of the contest entries, three have come in. A pet turning into um, a… a thing, mutant frog toys that want to take over the world, and Super Monkey. I will be continuing my versions of the stories, but I thought it would be fun to have a  contest , and see what other people could come up with. Bye, for now!!!


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