Here’s a special treat-the fourth and fifth Sensational Superclub stories!!!!!(Also, it shows the Superclub’s response to my “voice mail” request.

Story 4

Hey, ho! I’m here to tell you that this is the very first super-hero crossover in this comic! Way cool!! So, sit back, and watch the sensational Superclub team up with the amazing Spider-Man!!!

“Hey, come look at this!” Rubberboy said. “Someone’s left a voice recording message. Hmm. It’s some nut who says that he needs help with a paintball machine  and someone named Karion. He also says that he needs help building his dimension-transporter, and he’s only gotten the voice recording thing ready. It’s probably just a prank call.” So the Superclub deleted the alleged crank call, and went to go out on patrol. When they got back, however, a new message was on the screen, and they could hear someone saying, “Come on, pick up. This is an emergency.” “Uh, if this is another prank call, then-” When Switchboy was about to finish his sentence, he got interrupted. “Finally! Hey, it’s Spider-Man.(Told you he’d be in the story!)I need your help with something. I’ll tell you in my world.” “It’s Spider-Man. Why did call, though? He can usually handle things-” “Hurry, up!”Tigerboy yelled. “The Dimension-Hopper 10000 is all warmed up!” Spider-Man was Tigerboy’s favorite superhero, and he was always glad to see him. And with that, the Superclub went to New York.

In New York by the train station, Spidey was already there. “I’m happy you’re here. The Vulture has been doing all sorts of crimes, and I can’t catch him in the act! That’s why I need your help. Will you help me?” “Sure!” Tigerboy said. “Good. I asked Louie the Stoolie, and he says that Vulture is going to rob the art museum next.” “Well, then what are we waiting for?” Switchboy said. “Let’s go!” When they got to the roof of the museum using Portal Rays, (rays that can make portals to almost anywhere and any-when)the Vulture was already breaking in! “What are you doing here?! Oh, well, you’ll never catch me with my new, powered-up mechanical wings!” When he flew away cackling, Spider-Man instantly leapt onto a telephone pole, and said, “That’ll never happen, Vultchie!” The chase was on!

With the rest of the Superclub turned into birds, (courtesy of Switchboy)and Tigerboy turned into Flying Tiger (but still miniature), they flew, web-slinged, and leapt after the Vulture! “This is strange.” Tigerboy thought. “It’s almost like he’s purposely leading us this way, so we’ll be-” “Trapped! I’ve finally caught all of you, you accursed fiends!” As soon as the Vulture said these words, a large glass-steel combo fell upon the heroes. “Hahaha! And the best part is, this cage dampens your powers!” the Vulture excitedly yelled.

To be continued.……

Story 5

Recap:In our last issue, the Vulture trapped our heroes in a cage. But, what is the actual trap part? Find out in this issue!!!!

“And now,” Vulture cried in happiness, “I shall eliminate all my greatest enemies at once!!! You see, soon this trap will toss you into an active volcano. Then, you will be turned into powder by the spinning, crushing gears that are at the bottom. Finally, your remains/partially living bodies will be vaporize by this Vaporizer 10,000!!! This cannot possibly fail!” Then, he activated the trap, and left to, no doubt, commit more crimes. “Oh, no!” Spider-Man said. “My side strength doesn’t work here!” “I have an idea!” Tigerboy yelled. “As soon as we’re about to fall onto the gears, I’ll drop a bomb on it.” Switchboy nervously said, “Um, I think you should do it now, because we’re about to fall in!” Everyone screamed in terror, but there was no need, because Tigerboy’s plan actually worked!!! “Everyone, follow me, because I know where he’s heading!” Spiderman said hurriedly. Everyone followed him, and(after searching fro almost a whole hour)they found him, robbing a hospital for children. “Wow, I know you were low, Vultchie, but I didn’t know that you were this low!” Spider-Man yelled as he kicked the mechanical part of the Vulture’s wings. “You can’t stop me!” the Vulture cried as he flew to the beach. While Tigerboy returned the money, the rest of the heroes trailed Vulture to the beach. “Hah, you’ll never catch me here, for I have the advantage!” “What is he talking about?” Electrickid said, before they were pushed aside by Spidey! “Get down! I know who-AFLUMP!!!” The Vulture’s new partner, Sandman billowed around him, forming a cage. “You’re dead meat.” he growled, before lunging at them.

To be concluded.….


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