Another Superclub tale :)

Recap: The Superclub and Spider-Man escaped from the trap using a bomb, and went to stop the Vulture. They discovered him robbing a childrens’ hospital. After that, they chased after him, and finally caught him at the beach. Then, Vulture revealed that Sandman was his partner, and then Sandman lunged at them and attacked.

Electrickid sent up a force field that Sandman slammed into, then Spider-Man swirled webbing after webbing glob onto him. It wasn’t enough, though. Just then, Tigerboy came back. “I return ed the money. Where were you.……Uh, oh.” Then, Sandman hit Tigerboy with a sand anvil. “Ha-hey, why aren’t you dead!? It must be that stupid resistance! Fortunately, on, it says what to do about this. Smash harder!!!!” Sandman smashed. Nothing happened. Sandman smashed harder. Nothing happened. Sandman howled with fury, and smashed even harder. Nothing happened. Sandman made a combination sand hammer-bazooka that would smash on impact. There was an explosion, and Tigerboy turned into a (still-living)tiny pile of ashes. “Ow.”was his only comment, and then he waited until he recovered. Waterboy had the brilliant idea of spraying him with water. He turned into a pile of mud. “Hey, what are ou doing? No…glubmrpp.’ And with that, he was taken to jail and the Superclub went back to their home.


Did you like it? Oh well, coming up soon, is my review of Spider-Man!!!

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