Yet Another Superclub Tale

Hey hey, hey! It’s me again!! Here’s another story that’s sure to make you happy!!!

There is a villain, whose powers are so great, so destructive, that he might actually be able to terminate the Superclub. His name is the Slicer, or just Slicer. Fortunately for the Superclub, he is one of the most incompetent super-villains in the world. Sadly though, that  might change, because he recently went to P.O.O.-F.O.R.-B.R.A.I.N.S. University. Now, he’s.… Doctor Slicer. Not much of a change, I know, but he has more self-confidence now. And, he wants revenge. Da-da-da-dum(b villain who is a lunkheaded imbecile)!!!

Meanwhile, the Superclub was at a special seminar on how to stop half-witted, bumbling morons who-Okay, I can’t take the insults any more. I’m the author, and I’m going to list all of his stupid qualities, so we can stop saying that he’s lame-brained. I have a schedule. Anyways, read this list.
















*Patrick(from Spongebob)type moron




*a few fries short of a Happy Meal




*Cuddles when you throw peanuts in a volcano

*Zarion Kreena-type idiot

*Karion Zreena(DEFINITELY)


*his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top

Okay, there’s just too many. I could do an ent-I’ve got it!! Later, read a post all about Doctor Slicer’s stupidness. Back to the story.

Anyway, the Superclub was at the convention*, when a special news report saying that the Slicer is on the loose. (Also, the Slicer is like the Rhino. Dim, but incredible brute strength.)

Suddenly, Dr.Slicer crashed through the wall, and started slicing anything he could get his “hands” on! “I’m going to get you runts!” he howled as he turned the table to dust with a chainsaw.  The Superclub quickly went into action, and initiated Operation: Slash the Chainsaw!! First, Tigerboy used the Magic Pencil(whatever it draws can come to life, and holes can make people fall in, well, holes.)to draw a hole to trap Dr.Slicer. Next, Switchboy made the broken table into the type of cage that the Vulture used on them(first issue in the trilogy.). Dr.Slicer quickly chainsawed against the steel. To his absolute horror, it didn’t break. Suddenly, he grinned and pulled out a remote. “Heh, heh heh. The Anti-Superclub gave me this specialized remote that can turn Tigerboy into different tigers.” He turned Tigerboy into Robot Tiger, then made him smash open the cage using the magnet! “Now I’m free, and you shall perish!!!” And with that, he started to slice Robot Tiger!

As soon as the blade came near Tigerboy, he quickly used the jetpack to fly away, unharmed. “Hey! Why you…” Doctor Slicer’s voice trailed off as he realized that a tiny sparking bomb was flying on top of his head. Electrickid had built it(it is called MasterShocker 5000), and it was designed to short out Slice-oops, I mean Doctor Slicer’s mechanical capabilities. BOOM!!! The bomb exploded with such force, that the mechanical chainsaw and other various slicing things completely shorted out. “No!” Doctor Slicer screamed as the police, who had been discreetly called by the person giving the lecture on Tricking Dumb Super-Villains. Finally, as the police tied him up, (and put him in the van that was taking him to a jail specifically designed for super-villains)he moaned, “I’m going back to ‘Slicer.’”

*They were the only ones there.


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