Third time is the charm!!

(Note: Cuddles speaks in baby talk.)

Here’s the third “Great Debate”, and you will love it! People:Zarion Vs. Cuddles the Baby Elephant. Court Case: Zarion is mad at Cuddles for frolicking in the mud. Zarion=italics Cuddles=bold

I wanna frolic in the mud! No. Why? You get the entire house dirty, and then you jump on me. That’s because I love you. Still, you should stop it. Never!! I hate your logic, poopybrains! If  you stop playing in the mud, then you can have less baths. You dare speak the name of the dreaded tingy?! GRRR!!!!! Come on, Cuddles, you know that this reasonable. No0dlehead!!! Fat noodlehead!! UGLY, FAT NOODLEHEAD!! Stinky, ugly, fat nood-Okay, I get the point! Stop it! No! LOOK AT ME!!!(See photo of Cuddles shaking his tiny, cute, PAINFUL fist!) Wait, Cuddles, what are you doing with that  laser beam?! ZAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

This is Syrika. Zarion died from the laser beam. Wow, I never knew a baby elephant from Kohl’s(a store)could be so violent. Oh well. This is Syrika(again)signing off until Zarion recovers on the 12th of Googleplex.

I wanna frolic in the mudsiepoodlekinzas!!!


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