??????/A Mystery Post

Tigerboy came to be in a game show earlier this week, and now I’m proud to present

Illogical Math!!!!

Yes, it’s true. Our math really is illogical. Are you ready to play, Tigerboy? Sure, I guess. Good. What is pie + snickerdoodle – snicker?  Uh, Snickpier-doodle? Correct! Now, what is “Pot” plus “er” minus “Cuddles is cute.”?  Pickle Potter the Second! I’m sorry, the answer is ” ‘ Gimme peanuts!’ the baby elephant said cutely.” Now, onto the next contestant! Some Hobo!!! Hi. (Burp. Snork. Giggle, I mean gurgle. Dribble. Drool. A snot bubble pops.) I just won the “Most Disgusting Hobo” award, in the 2010 Hobo Olympics. Eeeh… Okay, I just changed my mind. SECURITY! Our third (not so)lovely contestant is Bugs Bunny. Eeeh.. What’s up, Zarion? (chomp, chomp). What’s the math problem? You mean ILLOGICAL math problem. What is Elmer Fudd squared times Foghorn Leghorn to the power of Tweety divided by Noodle Chicken, plus Daffy Duck? That’s easy, Doc. The answer is…. Roasted duck with a side of chicken noodle soup and meat loaf glazed with bird meat. But not from Tweety, from Meaty, his evil twin. Congratulations! You have won… 12 stacks of reusable TNT!!!! That’s great, Doc. Yosemite Sam is coming for me(he checks his watch)right about now. Bang! Bang! I’m going to get you, you long-haired galoot! There’s nothing you can use to protect yourself! You’re only in a room full of… uh, dynamite. Momma, I’m scared! AAAHHHH! Well, he’s running away like a headless chicken now. Hey! I resent that, I say, I resent that remark you rabbit! Well, now that Foggy’s done, let’s introduce our final Looney Tunes/Merrie(NOT A TYPO) Melodies guest star. Th-th-th-that’s all, folks! See you after this post!


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