(for a project)Reformism History Special on PBS

The definition of Reform Judaism is a branch of Judaism that wants to accept and combine Jewish history from the old days, and modern Judaism now. Also, in Reform Judaism, they give complete and absolute equality to everyone who practices it, rather unlike Orthodox services, where women have to sit in separate groups.(No offense to Orthodox Jews.)After these commercials, see the history of Reform Judaism and their opinion on many different things in our lives today.

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The history of Reform Judaism started around the time of the French Revolution. Things like ghettos were being abolished, and Jews were(finally)recognized as citizens of our fair world, Earth. Here’s a link for  someone talking about Reform Judaism beliefs.  I hope that you enjoy it. Now, here’s the Reform on God. Basically, the Reform Jews feel the same way about God as Conservative Jews like me. On the subject of Torah, they  draw on the lessons. After this commercial break, learn more about Reform Judaism. 

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Here’s some information about Reform Judaism and Inter-Faith Marriage. The Torah says that we shouldn’t marry practice Inter-Faith Marriage, but Reform Jews are not very firm against Inter-Faith Marriage. Reform rabbis, some at least, aren’t under discipline for intermarrying. Now, here’s info. about Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. They don’t really  have Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, instead they something called a “Confirmation.”

 And now, a quiz. The person with the most questions right, wins a special prize.

1) True or False: Reform Judaism started in the American Revolution.

2) True or False: Ghettos were being abolished when Reform Judaism started.

3) What do Reform Jews do for the subject of Torah?

4) True or False: Conservative Jews and Reformative Jews feel the same way about God.


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