Last night, I declared that today would be Superclub day!!!

Superclub #8

Colds Are A Super-Villain’s Best Friend!!

I’m pleased to announce that many, many more stories have been planned. Bye.

“Wachhoo!” Switchboy said! “I hade codes.(Translation: Watchhoo! I hate colds!) The borst, pard is, id’s affectig our powers. Let’s hope that is geds better. (The worst part is, it’s affecting our powers.)” “Don’t worry.” Electrickid said. “I’ve invented special medicine that can make your nose be un-congested, so at least we don’t have to use translating-earphones.” Suddenly, the  emergency signal started flashing! “Oh, great.” Tigerboy moaned. “It’s the Anti-Superclub, robbing another bank.” The Superclub quickly raced to the bank, but Electrickid accidentally sneezed and made an impenetrable force field pop up. “Uh, oh. Sorry!” The Anti-Superclub laughed at them meanly. “You losers are so incompetent, that a mere COLD can stop you! Hahahahahaha!” And with that, that ran away, still laughing.

When the Superclub got back to their house(after accidentally getting wet, shocked, slightly burned, and tied up by Rubberboy’s malfunctioning powers)they knew what to do.

“My new invention,” Electrickid said, “is sure to help us with our ”power problem. These new costumes are illness-absorbent. They will temporarily render our cold gone.”

“Well, I hope it works.” Tigerboy said glumly. “They’re robbing the Museum of Rare Jewels.”

When the Superclub got to the museum, the Anti-Superclub members were escaping. The fleeing felons quickly threw a net ove them, haphazardly, and were shocked to discover that they were able to dodge it! “Hey, I thought your powers were gone for good!!” Anti-Switchboy growled. He quickly threw some smoke bombs at the Superclub, but their plan failed. Tigerboy, in Speedy Tiger form, zoomed to the smoke bombs and put them in his head’s secret compartment! Then, Switchboy threw a net at them, and captured the villains! “It looks like we were able to stop you after all.” Rubberboy said. “Now, you can go to jail.”

In jail… “Achoo! Wachoo! Hatchoo! Ughhh.” the Anti-Superclub groaned. “Ooh, I guess we should have stolen those special costumes after all. Our contact was right. ”

Who is the Anti-Superclub’s contact? How did they know about the costumes? What adventures will the Superclub have next? Find out in  upcoming Sensational Superclub titles.

Superclub #9

Again, it was accidentally deleted, so it’s short summary time! Tigerboy accidentally bought a magic book. He started to read it during “Reading Time”, and it sucked him into a strange world filled with evil people from other stories that he has read previously. He managed to escape by finding the magic book again.

After he got back, the Superclub said, “Why were you acting so scared? You were only reading.” Tigerboy then put the book in his room, and started reading a new book. Inside his room, the book was still glowing.


Superclub #10

Villains Unite!

Prologue: In a room in a seemingly abandoned house, a very special meeting is going on. the members are all villains who have strived to defeat the Superclub and other heroes many times before. The leader, a shadowy figure at the head of the table, said, “Phase One of our plan is going into effect. Soon, we shall have infiltrated the world’s most heavily guarded facilities, and we shall soon finally have our much needed revenge.” The rest of the crooks  and villains cheered, while the shadowy and mysterious figure sat back down. “Soon, revenge will be ours.”

Part One

While the sinister meeting ended, a different type of evil was going on. Specifically, a bank robbery was going on! Slicer had broken out of prison, so he could “chop the heroes up and eat sushi”. Well, that wasn’t what was going on. in fact, the Slicer was furiously slicing and chopping at a force field. “Let me out! Grrr! Once I break free of here, I’m gonna slice all of you into tiny chunks!” As the police took him away, another villain was robbing the bank, using an android army! It was the Mad Thinker! Electrickid tried to overload the machines with electricity, but they were electric-resistant! “Electrickid! Weatherboy! Tigerboy! Initiate plan 283-34-454834-3.14!”Swichboy called out as he was trying to switch a robot into a feather.(The robots were remarkably agile.) The plan was put into effect immediately. Weatherboy quickly made some rain fall onto the robots, hoping to short-circuit them, while Electrickid made a force field fall over them! Then, Tigerboy burrowed directly underneath them, causing a minor(but contained)cave-in! Then, Rubberboy quickly stretched around the lead robot, making it fall down and blow up.(Nobody was harmed.) After that, it only took a force field to contain Mad Thinker. “Hey, I just thought of something.” Rubberboy said. “Where’s Portalboy? He should have been back from his solo mission by now. Oh well it’s probably nothing.

When the Superclub finally made it back to their house, the emergency screen was flashing, and there was a message on the video screen. Tigerboy clicked on it. “Hi, this is Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr.Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, and we need your help. A bunch of Skrulls are attacking Baxter Building, and there’s too many for us and Spider-Man to handle on our own. Please hurry when you get-” There was an explosion, and the screen dissolved into static. Quickly, the Superclub hopped into their dimension-transporter, and raced to the Baxter Building!

At the Baxter Building, there was complete and utter chaos. Skrulls were destroying the building and turning it into piles of rubble. Switchboy quickly said, “Okay, Electrickid, you get the rubble out of the way, and Tigerboy? Go crazy.” With a shriek of happiness, Tigerboy pulled some NTNT(Bombs that, when they explode, make nets come out, trapping the villains)and started hurling them in the general direction of the Skrulls. It was extremely hard to trap the Skrulls in a net, because of their shapeshifting abilities, but Electrickid found out that with one force field, it could trap rubble and Skrulls! It was still difficult, though. Even with the combined efforts of the Superclub, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four, the Skrulls kept on coming. Just then, the mighty Avengers came, and started to help them! As soon as the Skrulls saw the Avengers, they turned and fled. Those who were still trapped were taken to a special jail.

When the Superclub went back to their fortress, they were extremely confused. “Why did they run away like that?” Electrickid mused. At that very moment, the portable emergency screen started signaling that there was another emergency! The Lizard, Doctor Octopus, Chameleon, Vulture, Electro, Rhino, Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, Kingpin, Mysterio, Molten Man, and Mysterio were attacking the World Day parade! For the second time, they used the transporter to go back to the Marvel universe! When they got there, Iron Man and Daredevil were already there! “Hi! Can you help us? There’s too many villains to stop alone!” Iron Man asked as he shot a repulsor beam. There was no need for an answer. All of the heroes tried to stop the villains, but were paralyzed with a mysterious transporter beam! With a flash, all of the heroes had disappeared!

Meanwhile… all of the other heroes were being taken to that same mysterious place. But, where was it? Where?

Part Two

When the Superclub, Iron Man, and Daredevil regained consciousness, they found themselves inside of a spacious, colorful fun-house like building, with heroes from the Marvel dimension, and the DC universe. Batman was the first to speak. “I recognize this place.” he said. “It’s the Joker’s hideout! But how could he do this? He doesn’t have the available recourses!” “Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong, Batsy!” The Joker cried, on a nearby podium. Everyone gasped! How could Joker have gotten over there so quickly? “Hello, heroes!” Joker said with a snarl and grimace. “I brought some friends along to play!” All of the villains from the Superclub’s dimension were there, along with some from DC and Marvel. Lex Luthor came up onto the podium. “Yes, we get over here so quickly? It is all part of our accomplice’s plan. He had this brilliant scheme in mind, and he also told the Anti-Superclub about your cold-absorbing costumes.(See Colds Are a Super-Villain’s Best Friend) Why don’t you come up here?” Lex Luthor stepped down from the podium to reveal the special accomplice/guest. Tigerboy gasped in shock! It couldn’t be him! He had just put him in jail two days ago! (Issue 9) “Yes, it’s me.” Lil’ Pooky Bear snarled. “I had the master plan to get Parasite to steal Professor X’s mind-reading powers! Also, ” Lil’ Pooky Bear pulled someone, bound and gagged, to the podium. “It helped that Parasite was also able to take a tiny bit of Portalboy’s powers and give it to us. You see, we all have a little bit of Portalboy’s and Professor X’s powers!” “Yeah, but you forgot one thing!” Superman yelled. “You didn’t bother to trap us, you were so confident!” All of the superheroes quickly (and easily, because the stolen powers wore off at that moment) subdued the villains. Unfortunately, for everyone, Lil’ Pooky Bear got away, along with Slicer and the Anti-Superclub, but it didn’t matter. The nefarious scheme was over, and everyone was safe. The stolen items were given back, Portalboy was freed, and everything was safe. “I get it now.” Tigerboy said. “The plan was for only certain superheroes to be weakened at certain times. That’s why the Skrulls ran away when the Avengers came.” And with that final mystery solved, everything was finally completed. Except for the next mission, that is!



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