Karion’s Rules For This Pathetic Blog

1. No Laughing.

2. No smiling.

3. No cheering.

4. No Spider-Man books.

5. Call me “Exalted Master of the Blog Universe, Sir Karion.”

6. I am your superior, and you shall do whatever I say.

7. All of you work for me.

8. No escaping from your traps.

9. No chewing gum.

10. The “School For Making Karion Happy” is MANDATORY!!!

11. I have the right to make up new rules on a whim.

12. You have the right to a cold, damp cage ,and I don’t have to give you food or water for at least 12 millenniums.

13. I reserve the right to dress you up in humiliating costumes, and burn your precious items.

14. I have the right to tease you with food.

15. NEVER make voodoo dolls of me again. (More on that later, you pathetic humans who Karion will rule over!!!)

16. I can insult you to your face.

17. You will always read this blog.

18. You will never notice the hypnotizing robot that is behind you right now. (That goes for the readers, too.)

19. No fun.

20. And the most important rule of all, NO TRYING TO STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


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