Hey, it’s me, Zarion! I managed to escape from my cage using a paperclip! Here’s the next Superclub story!!

Attack of the….Dust Bunnies?

“It was a bright and sunny afternoon. Everything was perfect. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, squirrels were frolicking everywhere, and giant dust bunnies with a crazy-looking man were attacking Dreamyland. Wait, they were attacking Dreamyland? This looks like a job for the sensational Superclub-” Tigerboy’s voice trailed off. “Tigerboy, will you please stop narrating this mission?!?” Switchboy asked. “It’s getting kind of annoying, and Mr. Evilfeet is getting away! Also, the chicken suit is really distracting.” Quickly, the Superclub tried to catch up with Mr. Evilfeet, but it tends to be hard when the person you’re chasing is riding a giant dust bunny, especially when, like Tigerboy, you have allergies to wool, dust, and other assorted things. “Wachoo!” See? I told you! Okay, back to our fine tale! Mr. Evilfeet quickly whispered a secret command into a dust bunny’s ear. The Superclub gasped in shock when they saw what happened next. The dust bunnies had sprouted jet packs, and were flying away!!! But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Why is Mr. Evilfeet attacking Dreamyland with giant dust bunnies? Why is Tigerboy narrating in a chicken suit? And, who, for Zarion’s sake, is Mr. Evilfeet anyway? To find out the answer to at least two of those marvelous questions, we must take a trip back in time. Five months should do the trick.

Five years ago, in Dreamyland’s Geranium Falls Laboratory… Mr. Velfet was sitting in a chair, conducting a very complicated and convoluted experiment. He was fervently pressing buttons on a typewriter, and scribbling notes. “Yes! Yes! I finally have the perfect formula that will allow brains to grow bigger. Now, I shall test it out!” He walked over to an odd machine with a number of levers and buttons. Mr. Velfet quickly puts the helmet on his head, pushed a green button… and screamed!!!!!!! The helmet was literally molding his brain! “Hahaha.” he giggled madly. “Now, I shall be known as Mr. Evilfeet!”

Back in present time… Mr. Evilfeet suddenly whips around and throws a net grenade at the Superclub, instantly tangling them up. “Ha, ha!” he cried. “Now, I’ve got you!” Then, he made another dust bunny get morph into a jet pack, and take the Superclub to his lair!!

In the abandoned “Sam’s Sweet Sweets/Larry’s Chocolate Emporium O’ Goodness.” Instantly, a bright light glared down onto the Superclub. They were tied onto a conveyer belt that, by the look of it, had gone into disrepair. Old chocolate stains, rust, and little bits of styrofoam were everywhere.  “Hello, Superclub.” Mr. Evilfeet said calmly. “As you can see, there is no hope of escape for any of you. The binds are incredibly thick, I doubt that even the Hulk would be able to escape! As soon as I flick this switch, the conveyer belt will make sure that you are turned into some very delicious chocolate. While your bodies are going through that chemical change(which can neutralize all of your insipid powers), I shall finally unleash my plan for world domination!!!The bomb will explode you, and Dreamyland! Yay!! You seem to be bright people, except for the striped one, so you shall undoubtably realize that my giant dust bunnies were a ruse. They are simply there to distract people with endless sneezes, while my nuclear bombs turn Dreamyland into a wasteland! Now, hasta la vista, Superflub! Hahahaha!” Quickly, he put on a jet pack and raced out of the building, setting off the nuclear bombs!

Quickly, the Superclub went into action! The bombs were timed, so they might be able to make it out! Switchboy quickly put Operation: Nuclear Chocolate into effect! Rubberboy strained to get one of his arms out of the binds! When he succeeded, he took one of the bombs and threw it into the conveyer belt’s path, thereby turning the bombs into harmless chocolate! Then, Tigerboy quickly turned into Robot Tiger, and pushed the “Self Destruct” button! He exploded, landing on top of the second nuclear bomb and making all of the binds fly of off the Superclub! Then, he began to reform slowly, not noticing that the second(and final)nuclear bomb was about to go off! Switchboy quickly tried to turn the bomb into a different object, but it was too late! The bomb exploded with a ferocious blast! Electrickid had thrown a force field over the rest of the Superclub, but it was too late for Tigerboy. Or was it? A small robot quickly scrambled out of the rubble, saying, “Never again. I think that my bomb/TNT/miscellaneous other things resistance might not survive another blast!” Then, he turned into Miniature Tiger(his regular form)and got out of the building with the rest of the Superclub! “What?!” Mr. Evilfeet exclaimed. “How did you get out of the trap? Well, it doesn’t matter now! You’re toast!” He quickly made all of the dust bunnies morph into one huge laser! “Sayanora, Superclub!” The laser suddenly sent out a huge cloud of…dust? “NO!!” Mr. Evilfeet wailed. “My dust bunnies failed me! I should have set the nuclear bombs to explode right after I left instead of waiting! NO!!!”

Now, dear readers, I must tell you why Tigerboy was narrating. It all started with a bet he had made with Magmaboy just five minutes before Mr. Evilfeet’s rampage began. Magmaboy was making his famous “X-tra Spicy Chili Peppers of Spiciness!!!”, and Tigerboy said, “Hey, Magmaboy, what would happen if you ate 4 tiny cups of you extra spicy chili  sauce?”

Magmaboy replied, “I would be able to eat them easily, because of my fire power.”

Tigerboy said, “What about my resistance? That should help me.  I’ll make a bet with you. If I can eat 4 extra-large cups of chili, and not stop, then you have to wear a clown suit for the next 3 weeks. And if you win, I’ll wear the clown suit for the next three weeks.”

“No way.”Magmaboy said. “You actually like wearing that clown suit. How about this? You’ll have to narrate everything for the next five weeks in a chicken suit, and not eat pretzels for five and a half weeks. Deal?”

“Deal!” Tigerboy said, confident that he could pull it off. He quickly ate some salsa…and stopped suddenly. Quickly, he tried to finish the rest of it, but it was too late. BBBBBOOOOOOOMMM-FOOOSSSHHHHH!!! With a deafening bang, he turned into a miniature volcano! “HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!!! AAAAAYYYYYIIIIIIIIII!!! HOTHOTHOTHOT!!!!” Tigerboy yelled. “Okay. You win. Oh, ow! Still hot!! YYYAAAHHH!!!”



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