Momicon has generously gotten my books on hold for me, and I am squealing with delight! You see, I read this book, it was in one of my kindergarten-5th grade teachers’/’s classrooms, and I loved it! Aaah..The Pushcart Wars. I still remember the plot. I had put it on hold, and it came! Now,I can relive my (younger)childhood, even though I’m young now. Relatively young, at least.

And the second good book information tidbit is….that I’ve finally gotten DC vs Marvel Comics. It features an  immense crossover between characters from DC comics and Marvel Comics(not a typo). Also, my favorite superhero is Spider-Man, and my favorite villain is the Joker. So, guess which two awesomely awesome characters were in the first few pages? If you said Superman and Batman, then you were way off. The Joker and Spider-Man met and were speaking to each other! Here’s another trivia bit. J.Jonah Jameson is Peter Parker’s boss at The Daily Bugle, and Perry White is Clark Kent’s boss at The Daily Planet. Why am I telling you this? Well, they both met while arguing with the Kingpin of Crime(a Spider-Man enemy; otherwise known as Kingpin) they were drawn with almost exactly  the same features! Even the hair looked the same, except for a few different splotches of coloring! Finally, (for this book anyway)the last “comic book issue” in here was about Dark Claw,  an amalgamation of Batman and Wolverine.

And, last but not least, I can finally read When the Ghost Dog Howls, by R.L.Stine. He’s actually making seven new books for the Goosebumps Horrorland book series. Now, I’ll stop blogging and get back..into…my…cage. Uh, oh. Zarion, what are you doing?! Where did you get that paper clip. You gave it to me for breakfast, Karion. GRRR!! Well, you were being a bad little kid. And when kiddies do something bad, they need to be punished. You know what’s going to happen. What, you mean the even tinier cage? Wait, NO!!!!!!!! NOT THAT!! Please, anything but that! Heh, heh. Bad kids need to be punished so they don’t make the same mistake again! Now, go! Get into the Tickler 5000! Please, no! I’m extremely ticklish! The last time you put me in there, I was laughing for 5 hours!! Sorry. (bonk-sound effect.) There. The button has been pressed, and it’s tickle time for you! HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I…ha, ha…can’t…ha,ha..stop, HA, HA, laughing, HA! HA, HA, HA, HA,HA ,HA, HA , HA , HA! I hate, HA,HA.. being tickled!! NNNNOOOOOOOO!! Ha, ha, ha, ha,ha!!!

Hello, kiddies and adults. The only reason that I’m not deleting this, is because I want to make Zarion look like a fool!  The categories for this are, in order, “Book Reviews”, “Cool Books”,”Wanna Hear Some Cool Facts”, and “Grab Bag Or Things That Can’t Be Uncategorized”!! Good night, and remember. I’ll be watching you, in order for my ultimate plan to succeed. Bye, bye.


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