Karion’s Version of the Olympics

Hello, hello, hello. I hope this blog post reaches you scared and miserable. I am ripping off this guy’s blog quote. Hey, if you read this, make sore to blame Zarion Kreena. He’s my editor. Hey, stop lying! I’m Zarion! Stop it, Karion!! Don’t mind him. Anyway, I have a special Olympics thing for Zarion! He’ll be doing it tomorrow. Here’s the schedule.

12:00 am= Ski down a bear trap-infested mountain

1:00= Eat squid pie, and have cow eyeballs for desert.

2:00= Deliver a joke gift to a platypus with a nasty disposition.

3:00= Have a sword fight with a mongoose. (Stop laughing, Syrika!)

4:00= Jump into an active volcano.

5:00= Get a live octopus.

6:00= Have the live octopus for lunch.

7:00= Lick 100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100 postage stamps.

8:00= Jump into Lake Freezinghotandburningcold a.k.a. Lake Yourdoom!!

9:00= Call Attila the Hun a “dim-witted slug with the face of a diseased squirrel.

10:00= Have twenty barrels of vomit for dessert.

11:00= Sleep in a bed made entirely out of porcupine quills.

This is going to be sweet! Come one, come all, come for the (melted) Popsicle snacks, come for the poor seating, come for the rude people, come for the prize of seeing me, but especially come to see ME!! Oh yeah, and also come to see Zarion getting tickled by a rabid mongoose. (STOP LAUGHING, SYRIKA!!!)


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