Happy Valentines Day!

Hi, peoples! Karion’s in a good mood right now(because of the real Olympics, not the one he made me do), co he’s letting me do this post. This post have my special valentines to (almost)everyone!

Dear Momicon: Happy Valentines Day! I love you, and the Archie comic! (No offense.)

Dear Dadicon: Thank you for taking me to the library, even though I’ve pestered you about it. Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Syrika: You are a great sister! Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Rica: Sorry that you don’t get mentioned on this blog very often, I’ll try to fix that by saying, “Ah. I had a fun time playing with my little brother.” I could name five people who I mention more that you. 1. Syrika 2. Momicon 3.Dadicon 4.Silicon 5. Cuddles, Lucky, Jeremy, and Happy a.k.a. The Super-Babies! Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Silicon: I love you, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!

And finally…last but not least…I’ve never done a valentine for these people before…mostly because I just started my blog on November, 8 2009….. Okay, I’ll stop stalling….. Cuddles, stop presign  theh keyb0rdss forr mee. Youre makingg speling mistackes. There, I’ve managed to get you away  from the keyboard. Anyway,

Dear Blog Readers: THANK YOU!!!!!!! Please keep reading this blog. Happy Valentines Day!

Also, I think that I’ll do Valentines Day themed posts for the rest of the day!


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