Debate #4: Karion and Zarion

Zarion =this color. Karion =normal.

Hello to all of the newcomers to this blog. My name is Karion, and I have taken over this blog. I have claimed it. Now, I shall debate with the former owner, Zarion Kreena. Karion took over this blog, and made me sit in a cage, that smells like a bucket full of manure that’s being taken to a fertilizer place, and the manure came from a Pony Manure parade. I hate this cage. Be quiet, Shorty. This is my time to talk. Anyway, Zarion has continued to make blog posts without my permission, so we are going to debate on what I should do with him. Hey, you said that we were going to decide who gets to “own” this blog. We don’t have to pay. Quiet. I’ll make the first statement. Zarion should be put in the new and improved Tickler 6000. Case closed. No, so much…ha ha ha ….laughter….ha ha ha …AIIIYYYEEE!!!


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