Goodbye forever, (fragmented) baby tooth!

Well, this is it. D-Day. Doomsday. One of the worst things that has ever happened to me in my entire life. Here’s a list, to rove it to you. (Also, this my special 275 post O’ Happiness!!) Be prepared to have lots of fun reading this, while I get a tooth forcibly yanked out of my mouth at the dentist.

The Top Ten/10 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Me In My Entire Life 😦

1. Camp Ramah A.K.A. The Dreaded Sleep-Away Camp of No Pretzels(TDS-ACNP) AND Getting my teeth yanked out at the dentist.

2. Nearly drowning when I was taking a shower on vacation. (See “We Interrupt This Spoof For A Special Announcement”)

3. Karion taking over this blog.

4. Estimating things in math.

5. The anticipation of having to wait to find out if I’m going to have a good report card.

6. The anticipation of having to wait to see if I’m going to get on the “Honor Roll”.

7. The anticipation of having to wait to see if I’m finally the “Student of the Month”. I’ve never been the “Student of the Month” in seventh grade, so far. 😦

8. Coming home from Camp Ramah to find out that Momicon hasn’t gotten my books on hold at the library that she had time to get, but didn’t.

9. A new book was one of the previously mentioned books on hold.

10. Medicine for the dentist, which makes me “calm.”
A Haiku About My Dentist Woes 

Oh, no! The dentist!

I don’t want to lose my teeth!

Maybe I should run!!

I’m back. I had to drink that disgusting medicine. Technically, it was the “pain” medicine AND the “calm” medicine. So, in about an hour, I should be calm. Or, as Momicon calls it, loopy. This will most be likely be my last blog post of the day. Speaking of which, I won’t be doing a post on Saturdays until Shabbat ends. Now, onto the topic of this portion of the 275th blog post. Our science teacher thought that it would be fun to have a board game called “Zig Zag.” I don’t know his version of it, but here’s my version.(Note: This could be a game show on my blog, as well as a board game.) There’ll be a huge board with zig-zags all around it. One player will be the hunter, and the rest of the players will be deer. You have to “hide” on the board, and then you have to pick a card. If it says that the hunter finds you, too bad. Your game piece will be disqualified. The game piece who can hide the longest wins. Needless to say, this is some sort of warped hide-and-seek/hunting/any board game where you have to move game pieces combination.

The Structure of…What Happens in My Imagination When You Get A Tooth Taken Out(If you are scared of getting a tooth taken out, like me, do not read this next blog post.)

1.  The dentist locks you in a dungeon, and forces you to lie down. Then, he glues you to the floor.

2. Then, he takes a jackhammer/ pneumatic drill, and drills through your tooth.

3. He takes the tooth out. (In case you’re wondering, YES, I DID HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING LAST NIGHT. Thank you for listening. Sorry if you have a dentist thing coming up soon.

Hey, Toothy! Oh, great. Karion’s here. You can’t do any more posts on this blog. Why? I still have at least 2 left. I haven’t been keeping track. For one thing, I want you to leave. I own this blog now. Also, you’re going to the dentist. I’m predicting that you’ll be so loopy from the medicine that you’ll forget about this blog which is now MINE!!!!!!! Drat. (S.E. Time!!!! <Sound Effects!!> Boot! Crash!!) That’s all for this post!!! Here’s the final comment, EVER, from Zarion. Oh, come on! Even Rat, from Pearls Before Swine is having a better day then me! Look! (His poor aunt. 😦 )


2 thoughts on “Goodbye forever, (fragmented) baby tooth!

  1. Is number 1 the worst or is number 10? Also, doesn’t that fact that I’ve cleaned your room, made your bed, cooked your fav. foods, and smothered you with welcome home kisses make up for any little bit of the books on hold? Sheesh! 🙂

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