Happy Purim!

Hello, blog readers. I, Karion, have just discovered that at Zarion’s Hebrew school class, they’re celebrating Purim! Also,  a famous improvisation comedy team is going to be there! I keep forgetting their name, sadly. “Crawl Something Something”, no wait! That’s it! “Crawl Space Eviction!” I’ve figured out the perfect way to gate crash, and  see the comedy club. First, I’ll dress up as Zarion. Then, I’ll dress up as Webhead a.k.a. Spider-Man! By the way, Zarion has a silly-looking new pet. Here’s a glimpse of it.

Announcing...Lil'(/Little) Mutton!!!




Congratulations!!!!!! You have found the story!!!

Orangey Rickshaw’s Horrifying Tale

Prologue: Death?

Big Rapids is dark, and sometimes terrifying at night. It was an especially terrifying night to be outside, in the gloom. The air was filled with a musky scent, and the comic shop had an aura of despair coming from it. Yet, there was someone coming anyway. He was a small, rather-twitchy boy wearing a small, lime-green jacket, sweatpants,  and a sweat shirt with the brand name tackily stitched on the front.

“Hello?” he said, trying the door. “Is anyone there? The door’s locked. Hello? My name is Peter Smith, and I came to pick up the book I requested. The new Mega-Person comic?”

Mumbling to himself, he tried the door again, and it swung open as if it had been greased.

“That’s odd.” Peter whispered, even though he was seemingly the only one there. “It was locked before.”

As he slowly shuffled into the dank shop and turned on the light, a pair of eyes watched him, and closed the door, ever so quietly, so he wouldn’t hear it.

“Oh, here it is. Right on the counter.” Peter picked up the package.

Suddenly, the lights turned off!

“Hey, who’s there? I thought this place was empty! M-maybe the owner’s in the back room, p-playing a j-joke on me.” Peter stuttered.

“Oh, you’re not alone, Smith. Not anymore!” A raspy voice shrieked right next to his ear.

A long, drawn-out scream drowned out the rain splashing against the comic shop.

A minute later, the screaming abruptly stopped, the lights briefly flickered back on, and the “Closed” sign was put up.

Chapter One: Dangerous Games

Tzoom! Tzoom! Pasta Palace, the local hangout for the students of Pastis Middle School, was packed with kids. The alien invader arcade ganes were being played with excessively loud “Tzooms!”, Pac-Man was being mobbed by a group of classic video game lovers, and absolutely no food was eaten. Even so, the owner, Steve Blinsky, didn’t mind.

Whenever a customer would ask him why he tolerated this, he good-naturedly replied, “I don’t mind. These kids are my best customers. Anyway, they always end up getting some food. Either way, through quarters or food money, I maintain a steady business.”

Sure enough,  everyone was gravitating to the tables. Everyone, that is, except, for one person. Josh Peterson always stayed to chat with Steve, because they were friends, Steve always had the latest news on what’s going on in the town, and Steve was his grandfather.

“So, Grandpa, do you have any news for me?” Josh asked as he slid into one of the red, comfortable booths.

“Just the one today, I’m afraid.” Grandpa Steve said. “Did you hear about the murder last night? Some kid went to Kerry the Kangaroo’s Komic Shop to pick up a new comic book he put on  hold and never came back.”

“Then how do you know that he was murdered?” Josh queried.

“The screams. Mrs. Prezianto heard someone screaming. But, let’s talk about something more cheerful. I just invented a new recipe!”

Steve was famous for his concoctions. Every time a new pizza, juice, or miscellaneous fruit combination appeared on the ever-changing menu, people mobbed the shop in order to be the first customers. They were so eager, in fact, that the new recipe usually sold out within the first five minutes. Fortunately, Grandpa Steve had already appointed Josh the Official Food Tester, so he usually got to be the first person to test the new recipe.



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