K.F.L. (Karion’s Fine Literature) Part 2 “Now, they’re 100% more half-baked!!”

21. Bob ate a giant hoagie (sandwich). Bob had stomach troubles. Bob now has diarrhea.

22. I ate a Kit-Kat bar. It was good.

23. Julia Child is a famous chef. Even though she eats a lot of butter, she has lived to the ripe age of 93.

24. Purim is fun. There’s a lot of costumes.

25. Joey once stuck his face into a blender, just to see what would happen. Now, Joey is in room 3856 of the Hospital for Stupid People. (Note: If you find this disgusting,  sue Zarion. Please.

26. Mr. Ponypants  is weird. Cool.

27. Hi.

28. Joe was a fireman. He once accidentally set a house on fire, instead of putting another house’s fire out. By the way, this is the same person from #13. He changed his name.

29. Two more people went to the movie with teenager-eating slugs. The police went to search for them. They couldn’t be found  either.

30. Thee writre forre thisssw3 storieeee ise aa bahdde spllr. Hee ise inkreddibleey hoorribel. I shud hav himme firedde.

31. I ate a walrus. The tusks hurt.

32. Jimmy was lazy. He didn’t do his homework, and spent his time blogging about cheese, ponies, and how Zarion Kreena is stupid.(Note: Jimmy is Karion’s third uncle on his mother’s side twenty-times removed.) Jimmy was eaten by a hyperactive dodo bird for this. Remember, kids, don’t act like Jimmy.

33. I like ponies.


35. In the earlier story, I had writer’s block/





40. I hate writer’s block.


One thought on “K.F.L. (Karion’s Fine Literature) Part 2 “Now, they’re 100% more half-baked!!”

  1. All right, Zach, I’ll make you happy and do a funny comment BLEAH NYAH NYAH PFFFTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was me having a conversation with (shudder shudder) Sogie.

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