Oh, yeah!!

Syrika might stop being annoying! Here’s a photo of her being annoying.

Whoops! That's my pwetty, pwetty (translated: pretty, pretty)hair.

Whoops, dangity-dang! That’s actually my hair! Stupid maintainance/tech people. Here’s the real photo.

Wrong pic. again!!!!

Now that is deserving of the category entitled “My Family.” Why? Because I can.

Whoah, that's DEFINITELY the wrong photo!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOOK LIKE A GOBLIN!!!! AAAAAAAIIIIIIYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! O-okay(gulp), here’s(shiver)the next( HA-BLACH!!!!! A.K.A. I just vomited from the horrificness of the picture.)photo w-will work out.

Yeah! THIS is the right picture.

Yup, that’s the picture of Syrika looking weird. And now, words of wisdom from Bumpy.  hi i am  bumpee i cayun spel vree gude. thjis  is hou8 i spel this wrde;  helllpppreeee1!!11!1!!1111  its sillee1111  an eeway ispe l t his wrde lik this; auntidisistablishmintareeumisme. alsoe   flaucinafiswitashissmiem (Here’s my translation. “Hi, I am Bumpy. I can spell very good. This is how I spell this word: HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!! Its’s Sillee(Silicon)! Anyway, I spell this word like this: andisstablishblishatarium,” Oh, Foeey! I’ll get to that later! “Also, Floc-” OH, WHATEVER!!! I CAN’T SPELL IT!! BYE, FOR NOW!!! WHY AM I YELLING???!!!)


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