Celebrity Game Show: Part 2

Hello, fans of the game show format! Here’s the next part of our wonderful game show! (In case you want to know why it’s a multi-parter, it’s because every time someone gets eliminated, I end it. I guess it’s sort of like Survivor, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Action, Total Drama Island, and commercials. (There. Are you happy, Syrika?)

Here’s the special challenge for this next section. We have to eat wacky foods. Wike an ewephant? No, Ponypants Jr. NOT like an elephant.  Anyway- IF YOU TAKE ONE BITE OF ME, YOU DIE!!! Okay, that’s IT! Cuddles, put the flamethrower down. We can settle this peacefully. The first contestant is………………………………………….MMrs. Ponypants!!! Oh, why thank you. (Snort, snort. Boogers fall out, and slime oozes out.) Aw, shucks. What do I have to eat? Ground llama bits with essence of manure. WAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU THINK THAT’S A CHALLENGE??!! I EAT THAT ALL THE TIME! She’s lying. Shut up, Junior. Gimme!! (Snorf, glarble, mobley rgrhglis g;ktwrgr, chomp.) Urp. Uh, I think that I-BBBBBLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Well, that’s it for this section. Come back for more Miscellaneous-ness! Bye!


One thought on “Celebrity Game Show: Part 2

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