Thingies by Syrika

If you want to know what this post is about, look at the title.

Words Made Into Phrases:

Hippopotamus: Big old pot of mush

Rhinosaurus:My nose is sore-ish.


Don’t you love “Jingle Bells” spoofs?

(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Skidding through the stadium,

In an out-of-control-Zamboni,

Over the ice we go,

Screaming all the way! YAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Screeching brakes, screeching brakes,

Screaming all the way,

Oh, what scare it is to ride in an out-of-control-Zambon!!!!!!!

This is a limerick about plagiarism (Boooooo!).

There once was a college guy named Bob

Who wailed, loudly, with a sob,

“It’s true! I admit it!

I’m ashamed, but I did it!

I plagiarized, and now I’ll never get a job.”

Cool Facts:

Goldfish used to be mainly green.

One type of swift can fly for 3 years straight without landing.


What has cheese, tomato sauce, and slants in a funny way?                                                                                                                The Leaning Tower of Pizza.

What should a cow eat when it’s sick?                                                                                                                                                        Chicken moo-dle soup!

‘Syrika out’ isn’t as neat as ‘Zarion out,’ but, oh well. I know! Kreena out. Fine, Zarion. Li’l Kreena out.


Ode to Dadicon

Dadicon is away for the weekend and I really miss him. That’s why I am proud to present this poem in his honor.

“Oh, Dadicon, I love you!

You never tease me or call me Moe.

Moe isn’t even my name,

It’s ZArion, and I hope it will earn g=fame,

When I make my blog posts into a book.

Dadicon, you’re my favorite dad.”

Also, Dadicon helped me make a CD for the talent show. I’m entering, and I’m going to dance! I can’t wait for my audition!!!!!!

“Mr. Dancaroni”/Zarion out.

Attack of the Germs!

I’m sick today. When my alarm clock woke me up today, I was cold, had a headache, a cough, a tiny fever, and a little rash that came from my fever. Thankfully, the medicine hasn’t worn off yet. Also, I have now discovered the joys of watching kids’ television shows in the morning. By morning, I mean “Disney” and the other versions of it.

Zarion(cough, hack, wheeze)out.


The Top 10 Reasons Why Syrika is My Favorite Sister(Oops. She’s also my only sister. Don’t be offended, please!:))

10. She is sweet, kind, and always in a good mood. (Well, maybe not always. 99.9999999999999999999999% of the time.)

9. She is always cooperative and excited for learning.

8. Syrika actually listens to my endless blabbering about books.

7. The same with this blog.

6. The same with Harry Potter and my book series.

5. She’s nice.

4. Syrika (almost) always returns my books.

3. Grouchy? Never!

2. Perfect sister.

1. She lets me make up funny shows and sees them without complaining too much.

I am doing this post because Syrika is at the dreaded Camp Manitou-Lin. So, this is in honor of her. I’m so proud of her for going to a sleep-away camp with the rest of the fourth-graders. Speaking of honor, I’m changing the thing I say to end my posts, so I can honor Syrika.

Zarion-who’s-honored-to-be-Syrika’s-brother out.


Call Me “Big-Mouth”

I had my very first orthodontists appointment today. How did it go , you ask? Well, I have to have a little thing that expands my mouth, and braces. The appointment for my mouth-expander thingy is a month before my birthday(not so nice of a present)and my braces appointment is July 19, which is Momicon’s birthday. A good present for her, because I’ll have a nice smile. I agree, but I’m also insulted. Doesn’t this look like a nice smile????!!!!!

I want YOU to comment, and tell me your honest opinion. Or not, you could say it in a nice way. PLEASE, I’m desperate for someone to say that my smile doesn’t look ugly from a distance!! (Wow, I sound pathetic!) Also, there’s trouble ahead. Green Thumb has been too lazy to come to the place where I BLOG(Z.B.S. a.k.a. Zarion’s Blogging Studio)and now he’s suing me for “false advertising” on the grounds that I still haven’t let him make his “oh-so-special” advice column. What chutzpah! Anyway, be ready for another Great Debate!

Zarion “Toothy” Kreena out.


Creepiness Galore!

Even though Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, I most likely will not watch Spider-Man 4. Why? The Lizard! He is a brutal, savage villain with about 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% no humanity! Also, some of the promotional images look quite creepy, such as the one with  the tagline “Face Your Nightmares”, the number “4” and blood dripping down from an unknown source(which is most likely Spider-Man).

Zarion “Scaredy-Cat” out.


A Public Service Announcement(This is serious.)

You should help the people of Africa from malaria by donating to Nothing But Nets. Besides, it’s World Malaria Awareness Day. Better yet, donate everyday. Help the people of Africa. Please.

Zarion “Healthy” out.