Lost and Found

Hello. Syrika speaking. Zarion is letting me do a post. This post is about something lost, and something found. First, I lost…… A TOOTH!!!!! Here is a picture of where my tooth used to be.

Kind of gross.

What a honker!

I’m weird, huh?  Anyway, on to the found part of this post.. In honor of Story Month, I’m telling you the story of what happened. Last night, we (My family and I) were at Red Robins, Zarion’s favorite restaurant. There was a gumball machine.I asked if I could have one. (A gumball, I mean.) Mom politely said, “NO!!!!!!” (Note: This story is slightly changed to make it funnier.) So, I started to look for loose change. First, I looked under an arcade claw machine. I found….. a pony. Just kidding. A QUARTER!!!!!!!!!! That’s how I got my white gumball. It wasn’t coconut, thankfully. It was a delicious fruity flavor. I’m not showing it to you, because a tooth-hole is gross enough, but a chewed-up piece of gum is going way over the limits. Oh, well.


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