“Story of the Day”

Hi, it’s Uncle Zarion’s story time! Why am I an uncle? I have no idea. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep last night, because of two very talkative people.(Cough, cough! Syrika and Silicon! Cough, cough!) Syrika had a sleepover in our(Silicon and I share a room)room, and THEY WERE  TALKING ALL NIGHT!!!! Fortunately, they stopped talking. Unfortunately, that started humming! EEEEEEEAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!! I should have slept in the basement, but did I? NO!!!! Enough about my troubles. This eerie tale will be about Petey(No offense to anyone named Petey)……..and the aliens that invade his room and refuse to come out! Mwuahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

Petey and the Aliens that Can Suck Your Sleepiness Away

Petey HATED sleeping. There’s too many other fun things to do, such as playing video games*, annoying his sister**, and annoying his sister with video games***. All of that changed when the aliens came. A smallish, green blob with purple antenna came up to him as he was playing Mario Brothers****, and said, “Hey, kid! Wanna stay up late? Sure you do! I’ll help you!*****” “Sure!!!!******” Petey replied eagerly. “PLEASE!!!!!!”******* So, the alien gave Petey special instructions. He was to let Zuahaha(the purple-antennaed alien) and Hortus the Eleventy-Seventh(a yellow and green alien)sleep in his bed forever while he(Petey) slept in the closet. Petey agreed, because the aliens promised that the method would make him able to have more “no-sleeping stamina”, otherwise known as “more willpower to stay up.”

Then, night after night, Petey would gradually stay up later and later, until he didn’t sleep at all. ‘Hey, aliens.” he said one night while playing a trick on his sister, “I don’t think that this is such a great deal anymore. I want to sleep, so I can have more energy for school and video games.” “Tsk, tsk.” Hortus said. “That is a shame….for us!!! You see, we feed on the sleep made by humans. We suck it out of them, so they can no longer function.” “And then, we eat them!” Zuahaha continued. Then, they started to devour poor Petey! So, kids and adults, the moral of the story is: Don’t let evil aliens fool you into losing sleep. Sweet dreams.

*I do not play video games before I sleep, with the obvious exception of Harry Potter.

**DO NOT do this, or your sister will beat you up, and lock you in the garage. Trust me on this. (NOTE: This actually hasn’t happened to me, I’m just trying to be funny. :))

***See first footnote.

**** I do not play games like that, because I disike games where you can lose lives. I prefer Pokemon and Harry Potter.

*****Obviously, Petey isn’t very bright, because my knowledge has told me that aliens with purple antenna are every suspicious.

******Made you look!

*******Note: The author of the Weenies series(Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies, The Curse of the Campfire Weenies, etc.) can use this idea and adapt it to his leisure.


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