Of Rooms and Things

I really should give you some more updates on what’s  going on, because my last post was extremely hurried. Enjoy.

1. First of all, there is a little add-on to our house that is accessable through the garage, and I’m going to be sleeping in it! Finally, my own room! There’s a television in it, but I will follow the guidelines to watching it. Dadicon has doubts about me sleeping in their, but I will be a responsible young Zarion, in order to prove to him that I can be trusted.

2. Sorry about the “Wisdom From Our Science Teacher” page, but I have been forgetting to update it. Don’t worry, because I have a lot of new things to put on there!

3. I’m still fine-tuning my newest story, but it will be on here soon. I can’t wait for you to see the extra-special bonus features that I’ve planned out! (Hint, hint! New, never-before-seen blog posts! Hint, hint.)

4. I have started watching The Spectacular Spider-Man, and I love it. It’s so funny!

5. Around Purim time, my picture was in the Grand Rapids Press. You could only see the back of my Spider-Man costume, but at least I was in the paper.

6. AIEEEEEE!!! WHY ISN’T ANYBODY ENTERING MY NEW CONTEST?????!!!!! I’ll just describe it again. You have to make an  appropriate plot idea for a mischievous young, baby elephant named Cuddles. PLEASE ENTER!!!


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