Thingies by Syrika

If you want to know what this post is about, look at the title.

Words Made Into Phrases:

Hippopotamus: Big old pot of mush

Rhinosaurus:My nose is sore-ish.


Don’t you love “Jingle Bells” spoofs?

(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Skidding through the stadium,

In an out-of-control-Zamboni,

Over the ice we go,

Screaming all the way! YAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Screeching brakes, screeching brakes,

Screaming all the way,

Oh, what scare it is to ride in an out-of-control-Zambon!!!!!!!

This is a limerick about plagiarism (Boooooo!).

There once was a college guy named Bob

Who wailed, loudly, with a sob,

“It’s true! I admit it!

I’m ashamed, but I did it!

I plagiarized, and now I’ll never get a job.”

Cool Facts:

Goldfish used to be mainly green.

One type of swift can fly for 3 years straight without landing.


What has cheese, tomato sauce, and slants in a funny way?                                                                                                                The Leaning Tower of Pizza.

What should a cow eat when it’s sick?                                                                                                                                                        Chicken moo-dle soup!

‘Syrika out’ isn’t as neat as ‘Zarion out,’ but, oh well. I know! Kreena out. Fine, Zarion. Li’l Kreena out.


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