The Great Debate: Green Thumb and Zarion

Hi, peoples. THERE’S A NEW BABY-SITTERS’ CLUB BOOK COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!! Also, my fever has risen two either 100.1 or 100.2. Let’s see. 100.1+ 100.2= 200.3 divided by 2 is……100.15? Oh, well. The point is, I’m sick at home. Therefore, the debate can begin! Remember, Green Thumb, you can’t say naughty things. You can only insult me.

Boogerbreath! Boogerbreath! Pretzelsneaker! You’re sneaking pretzels!

That’s a lie!(Munch,  munch!) Anyway, I’m not going to let you get your column! You’re irresponsible, lazy, smelly, inconsiderate, rude, and grouchy!!!

Oh, yeah? Well, my friend “Mr. Ropy” doesn’t like that!

Hey, what are you doing with that rope?????!!!!!

What does it look like?

Mmmmmph!!!! Mmmph! Mmmmph!!!!!

Oh, dear. Looks like you’re a little(snicker)tied up right now. Wait! That means that this blog doesn’t have a post-maker to operate Zarion Studios(Not a typo)! I’ll just have to fill in!

MMMPH!!!! MMMPH!!!!!

Green Thumb(heh, heh, heh) out.


One thought on “The Great Debate: Green Thumb and Zarion

  1. >Gasp!< You said some very naughty things in Tiedupwitharopebyacrazedgreenmonkeyese! Shame on you!
    Shame, shame, shameshamesha,esha,eagsmeshameshemashemashameshame!

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