The Final Blog Post(until I get back from Camp Ramah, that is.)

‘Twas the night before Camp Ramah/and all through the house/everything was stirring/because the Kreena household had to leave at 5:00am./All the suitcases were packed with stuff/in the hope that they would be in Detroit soon to catch the bus./Then, a magical fairy-Oh, what;s the use!!!??? It’s hard writing a parody of a song when you’re bored! See you hopefully on July 18th.

Zarion out.


A Toy Story to Remember

I saw Toy Story 3, and I loved it! The newspaper reviewer(John Serba) for movies in our paper(The Press) and I have had a long-standing rivalry. He gave the kids movies bad reviews, and I loved them. he gave kids movies good reviews, and they made me want to puke! I’ve even made a rule about it. “If John Serba gives a kid’s movie 4 stars, I shall hate it. Anything less than that is good.(A.K.A. 4 stars=bad, 3, 3 and one half, 2, 2 and one half, 1, a half = good.)

However, there has been only one exception to my rule: Ratatouille. That movie gave me an appetite for happiness, and a great-tasting plot.(These food metaphors are making me hungry.)

Now, there is one more exception: Toy Story 3. Honestly, it’s my favorite, and even with some undesirable subplots(Barbie and Ken:() it has a special place in my heart. Hopefully, there will be more sequels.

Zar-Wait! I forgot!!! Tomorrow, I am going to Camp Ramah in Ontario, Canada. When I come back, I will continue blogging when I get back, so keep reading this blog!! I’ll come up with some new ideas when I get back!!!!

Best. Day. Ever!

I had a great day with Momicon. First, we went to Argo’s. It’s a book/comic shop, and I found a rare Archie comic. I didn’t buy it, I just read it and instead purchased Marvel Team-Up #1. Then, we went to the book store. I WILL finish my books on hold(including the newly released The Red Pyramid, the first book in “The Kane Chronicles”:))before Camp Ramah.

Aieeeee!!!!!!!!!! Camp Ramah starts the day after tomorrow!!! This may be my last blog post until the eighteenth of July!!!!!!

Zarion out.

Scary Scooby?

I just went on Cartoon Network’s website, and was terrified by the newest adventures they had cooked up for Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. Why was I terrified? Click on this link and see for yourself! I’m too scared to tell you.(But, the traps that Fred makes are very cool, and they work. Most of the time. Sort of. Once in a blue moon. Never.)

Spider-Man + Doctor Octopus(or a new Sinister Six) + A New Arrival to the Osborn Family= “Origin of the Species” (via Miscellaneous Soup’s Blog)

Yes, it's a new Amazing Spider-Man six-part series! I saw something in one of the covers that made my heart momentarily stop! KRAVEN THE HUNTER!!!! I thought that he was dead, but the description of Amazing Spider-Man's "Grim Hunt" said, and I quote, "unholy resurrection" and that there's going to be a death-but not the family that you're thinking! My new theory is that Madame Web or Mattie Franklin sacrificed themselves to save Spidey, and Krave … Read More

via Miscellaneous Soup's Blog

Wingardium Leviosaaa…. (via ‘Eh, Potter?)

I love all things Harry Potter.

Do you remember when Hermione gets frustrated with Ron for saying Wingardium Leviosa-a-a-a-a-a in Charms Class with Professor Flitwick? Then, remeber how she says Wingardium Levio-o-o-osa and it works fine? I was thinking, what if you said it without a British accent? How would the charm know to respond? Or not to blow up in Seamus' face? Maybe Ron was using an 'accent' or what if some wizard¬†actually naturally spoke how Ron did? Then what? Accio … Read More

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