Despicable News!

Here’s what the minions are saying t the end of the credits. My source is answers. com!
“That was close.”

“Hey fatty look how far I can reach.”

“I can go further.”

“No, I can go further.”

“Jon! Come judge this.”

“Let the tape measure decide.”

“Tim’s the winner.”

“Take a walk, loser!”

“Behold my plunger.”

“I hate you with all my heart.”

“Fatso wins.”

“Plunger power!”

“Oh poop.”

“I didn’t do it.”


“I’m gonna reach the back row with this baby.”

“That’s a new record.”

“What up, audience? Share your popcorn and nachos.”

“You’re going down, skinny boy”

“In your face! I can hear TWILIGHT in the next theater Team Jacob rules!”

“Sir, you’ve made a mockery of our noble contest.”

“I’m gonna puke on the audience!”


“Time to show them how it’s done.”

“Eat my dust… Noooooooooo!”

“Oops, I broke the movie.”


“Finally, the real show begins.”

“A duck.”

“A seagull.”

“I am Gru. I have male pattern baldness and male pattern fatness.”

Zarion out.


Let’s Party!

My birthday was on Friday last week, and the party is today! Get ready to watch The Three Stooges Go Into Orbit!!

Zarion out.

P.S. I have “blogger’s block.” I can’t think of anything funny.

P.P.S. I am 100.43568673435456w634647679808-6 years old in Planet Potter of the Harry years.


Movie Mayhem!

Pic-a-nic baskets. Parks. Bears. Yes, you guessed! In December, a live-action Yogi Bear movie will be coming out! I can’t wait to see the picnic basket filching!

Zarion out.


Happy Birthday!!!

I’m not sure if Momicon will let me reveal my age, so you’ll have to wait until the next post! Here’s a special birthday song for Silicon!

Happy birthday to you!

You (don’t) smell like a shoe!

You (hardly ever) smell like a monkey,

and you (don’t) look like one, too!*

“The Structure Of…… Me Opening a Birthday Present!”

1. I shake it slightly.

2. I carefully open the gift wrapping.

3. I also carefully unwrap the newspaper.(I like the comics.)

4. I look at the present.

5. I admire it, and say, “Thank you!”

Zarion “B-Day Boy” out.

*Unless you’re wearing a monkey costume.


The Week’s Events

Sorry. I’ve been busy and forgetful. So, on with the show!

July 19- Momicon’s B-Day!

July 20- Nothing special!

July 21– Ditto!

July 22(TODAY)- I go to the store with Momicon for some “special purchases.” (i.e. Archie comics and other stuff)

July 23(TOMORROW)- OUR B-DAY!!!! Happy birthday to Silicon!(And me, of course.)


The Good(GOOD THINGS?!), The Bad(There was definitely bad things), and The Homesick

I’M BACK!!! Welcome to “Zarion Kreena’s Pros and Cons List of Camp Ramah”!!!!


1. Shabbat Brownies                    1. Too much= trouble(i.e. up all night in the bathroom)

2. Pretzels                                        2. Too small

3. (Sometimes) Noodles               3. Everyone would steal the noodle bowl from me.

4. Archie Comics                              4. Repeats

5. Books that I can borrow             5. Sports books

Zarion “Tired” out.