Despicable News!

Here’s what the minions are saying t the end of the credits. My source is answers. com!
“That was close.”

“Hey fatty look how far I can reach.”

“I can go further.”

“No, I can go further.”

“Jon! Come judge this.”

“Let the tape measure decide.”

“Tim’s the winner.”

“Take a walk, loser!”

“Behold my plunger.”

“I hate you with all my heart.”

“Fatso wins.”

“Plunger power!”

“Oh poop.”

“I didn’t do it.”


“I’m gonna reach the back row with this baby.”

“That’s a new record.”

“What up, audience? Share your popcorn and nachos.”

“You’re going down, skinny boy”

“In your face! I can hear TWILIGHT in the next theater Team Jacob rules!”

“Sir, you’ve made a mockery of our noble contest.”

“I’m gonna puke on the audience!”


“Time to show them how it’s done.”

“Eat my dust… Noooooooooo!”

“Oops, I broke the movie.”


“Finally, the real show begins.”

“A duck.”

“A seagull.”

“I am Gru. I have male pattern baldness and male pattern fatness.”

Zarion out.


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