Alert! Alert! Mad Syrika on the Loose!!! / Angry Rant #I’ve lost count!!!!!!!

Code Red! Code Red! We have an angry Syrika yelling!!! This is a code “Ponypants!” I repeat, a Code “Ponypants”!!!! A while ago, Syrika had an idea for a “Rainbow Magic” book involving a “Friendship Fairy.” Now, she has discovered that they are using her idea. Let’s let Syrika talk about her feelings right now:

THEY STOLE IT! THEY USED MY IDEEEAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m happy! Only, couldn’t they make it Jalie instead of Florence?

Well, Syrika, they both had the letter “f”. Daisy Meadows always does that for her books.

Alliteration, Schmalitterljefrrth! What about Sunny/Yellow? Fern/Green? Sky/Blue? Heather/-


Syrika, let me explain this to you in the simplest way I can. Me caveman. Sky is blue. Sun is yellow. Fern is green. Heather is Violet. Here’s Zarion’s Exception Law for this: Ith declareth thatth forth theth firstth bookth seriesth, theth subjectth willth relateth toth theth subjectth, andth beth theth subjectsth colorth. (Translation: I declare that for the first book series, the subject will relate to the subject, and be the subjects color.)

Abigail=breeze, Pearl=clouds, Ella=rose, Lily=rainforest. + Joy=summer vacation. The end.\

Exceptions to the exceptions.

Zarion out.