Shout-Out Time!

Hello to my Camp Ramah friends! Stay tunes for more humor!


The Mad Zarion is Back!!!!!

I’ve been running out of ideas, which is why I haven’t been writing. I need a ghost writer. Does anyone know where I can find a friendly ghost, besides Casper? Now, I think that the Ghostbusters are evil. Why? Because I really need to find a ghost, but there’s no ghosts anymore.

What about me?

Hi, I’ll be with you in a second, Mr, Ghost-Wait, you’re a ghost! Yes! I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to break into Hogwarts to convince Nearly-Headless Nick to join me! Are you friendly? Are you funny? Can you convince a certain lazy green monkey named Green Thumb to pay his bills from the International Zarion Blogging Corporation?

Yes, yes, and yes. Bye the way, my name is E. C. Toplasm.

You’re hired!

Zarion(and E.C. Toplasm) out.