Movie O’ Madness(And a happy 2011!)

My friend Anonymous and I have been making a movie. Also, I have slightly run out of ideas for Miscellaneous Soup, Inc. So, I have relinquished half of my control over to someone who’s even more crazy than me. No, not Happy, not Cuddles, and definitely not Mr. Ponypants! The last time he joined, the blog was ruined for April 1st, just when I had a really good prank planned. The co-host is……….Tigerboy!

Hi. I can’t wait to celebrate the new year with this blog. Hey, Zarion, do you remember those great ideas that you had but couldn’t remember?


I remembered them!!! Stay tuned, folks, for explosions, fake video games, and parodies of things! (Don’t sue me, Mad magazine! Please!)

Tigerboy, will you say it, or should I?

Let’s both say it!


That was really fun, Zarion. We should have this Prank Post for April Fools’ Day, where a fake giant monster-Wait, is the microphone still on? Oops. I’m just going to turn it off quickly. Hmmm….. OOH! A shiny button! What does this do??!!



One thought on “Movie O’ Madness(And a happy 2011!)

  1. Tigerboy speaking. “Why did you put a self-destruct button on the microphone with an “Off” label?”
    Zarion here. “It wasn’t me.”
    Happy speaking. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I tricked you!!!”

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