Movies, Chickens, and Mr. Ponypants-What more could a Miscellaneous Soup reader/subscriber want? The review, or course!

Ah,movies. Most of them are cool, but if I haven’t mentioned this before,I have a feud with the Drgna Pdsiar(scrambled name) Press movie reviewer. His name(that I have changed, for Internet safety) is Joe. Joe and I have a longstanding tradition. I give kid’s movies good reviews when he thinks they’re no better than Uncle Ponypant’s credit at the bank(Note: Uncle Ponypants is not a relative of mine), and when I give movies reviews that are scathing, he loves them. Only a few times, we have agreed.  Ratatouille and Toy Story Three were those films.

But, what I really want to talk about is, the movie I’m making with Polka. It starts out with us searching for Scooby-Doo, who is a criminal in this dimension. We search for him, with a lot of slapstick comedy(It’s based off of the Three Stooges.), and I end up dragging Cuddles down the stairs, and her injures me. I’m not telling everything, though, because I might end up putting a  link of it on here, if we put it on YouTube. Being from another planet, I think that YouTube is quite strange. Anyway, here’s some teasers to get you interested.

1. You will see my face, in human form.(You don’t want to know what my other form is. Ughhhh….. Picture a giant squid, and a cockroach mixed together.)

2. Slapstick comendy.

3. I beat people with a Webkinz chicken. (Remember Chicken Pot Pie?)

4. It’s funny.

5. Just watch it, or I will send flying Ponypantses to your house, armed with Cuddles’s famous Gumbo Surprise.

Now onto an unpleasant subject: Does anyone remember Green Thumb? Hey, I see you, there, in Iowa! DON’T TRY TO PRETEND YOU DON’T REMEMBER! No offense, though. Anyway, he’s a pyschopathic, greedy, insane green monkey. (Green Thumb, not the Iowan.) He has permission for one more blog post, until he behaves. If he tries to cheat, Tigerboy will be ready, with the land mines. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Review time!!!!

Main Residents of This Blog:

*Zarion-I am the host, nor co-host of Miscellaneous Soup, Inc. Also, I adn insane, and loves pretzels(I’m eating some as I type this), string, books, reading, writing, and Harry Potter books.

*Syrika-sometimes blogger, sister. Sort of like me, but a wizard with Legos.

*Rica-twin to Syrika, younger brother, likes to pretend to run us over with his scooter.

*Silicon-My twin brother, I’m his brother, he has the unique ability to read with his hands.

*Momicon-Mother of the four of us. Loves Oprah, reading and playing with us.

*Dadicon-Dad of the four of us. Loves Star Trek, Star Wars, chess and checkers.

Recurring People:

*Tigerboy-has the same personality as me, and is now the cohost.

*Green Thumb-see above, two sections ago, after the movie things..

*Mr. Ponypants-Pure evil. ‘Nuff said.

*Uncle Ponypants-money-hungry, manipulative, leech.

*Mrs. Ponypants, Children Ponypants-a combination of their Uncle, and Mr. Ponypants, personalitywise.

* Cuddles-cute, sweet, and mischievious baby elephant. Bad cook. Don’t try the Gumbo Surprise.

*Grim Reaper Cookie-a new person, introduced in this post. Catchphrase of “I will have your soul.” Appearance: A chocolate chip cookie, wears a hoodie, and carries a sycthe.(Did I spell that the right way? Mental Note: Look it up.) Made by Happy.

*Happy-Baby monkey. His name was formerly “Happy Birthday”, but changed his name, because it’s too long and unwieldy. Destructive, cute, fun to play with if you’re a maniac like Tigerboy.

*Lucky-baby bunny, cute, sweet, loves gardening.

*Jeremy-Cute, sweet, baby frog.(He’s not a tadpole, just a baby frog.) He loves crackers.

*Tyrone Turkey(no offense to anyone named Tyrone)-turkey who, last seen, but not posted, in Las Vegas being served on Thanksgiving. Poor Tyrone. He survived a shark, Cuddles’s cooking, Cuddles trying to cook him, and mutant dinosaur potato chips(Don’t ask. If I get up the nerve, I might tell you the horrifying tale of woe.), only to end up eated by gamblers.

*Some Hobo-That’s really his name, honest. He appears sometimes, in some game shows.

*Karion-He rips off my blog. Now, he’s in jail, thanks to Tigerboy and the sensational Superclub.

*Nieren-A friend of mine.

*Ponui-Another friend of mine.

People Who Were Mentioned Only Once:

* The person who helped me with my uplifting story about romance and talking shoes. It’s on this blog, search for it.

*Tinkerbell-Killed on our game show called “Nicknames For Numbskulls.” Barney’s next, if I have anything to say about it.

*Annoying teenage valley girls who say “like” too much-‘Nuff said. Also on a different game show.

*Looney Tunes-I forget where. Look it up in the search engine.

That’s all I c0uld remember. If I’ve missed someone, tell me in a comment.

Zarion out.


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