Poetry In Motion…Or Maybe Not.

I have devised, with my twisted sense of humor-Wait, that might not be accurate. Someone told me today that it was sophisticated, I call it twisted, juvenile, silly, creepy, etc. Anyway, I have composed a parody of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, starring Cuddles, a cute, adorable, rambunctious baby elephant who makes food so bad that it comes to life. (Ex: Gumbo Surprise)

Cuddles Had A Little Gumbo Surprise

Cuddles had a little Gumbo Surprise,

with a, um, blobby texture as disgusting as raw sewage.

One day it followed him to preschool,

And ate some cows on the way there.

His teachers promptly said, “AAAHH!!! It’s eating the furniture! Take it away!”

Cuddles took it away,

But it came back and ate “Uncle Bubba’s Preschool for Rambunctious Tots.”


Well, that was sad. Poor school. Poor teachers. Poor Cuddles.

Zarion out.


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